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Billing / Payment / Refund Schedule

Students and authorized users will receive an e-mail notification to check the statement in Bill+Payment (Please note: No paper bills will be mailed). Parent(s) and/or other third parties must be set up as authorized users to be able to get into Bill+Payment, see the statement, or pay the bill by credit card or checking account. Remember to check Bill+Payment through myWCU for your actual balance due. The statement is just a snapshot of your account at the point of billing.

  • Students with unpaid prior term charges will not be able to register for classes or get a transcript until the account is paid in full.
  • Payments must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the payment deadline.
  • If charges are being paid by a third party; please fax the information from the payer to the Financial Aid Office at 828-227-7042 so that the student's schedule won’t be dropped for nonpayment.

Fall 2023

Phase 1- Preregistered Students

Initial charges posted to students' accounts, immediately thereafter 07/05/2023
E-bills posted  07/07/2023
Due Date/Payment Deadline - Undergraduate only 08/01/2023
Drop for Nonpayment - Undergraduate only 08/02/2023


Phase 2- Registered Students

E-bills posted weekly after 08/02/2023 SEE B+P IN MYWCU FOR BALANCE
Due Date/Payment Deadline - Undergraduate & Graduate 08/21/2023
Drop for Nonpayment - Undergraduate & Graduate 08/25/2023
Apply financial aid to students' accounts 08/28/2023
Financial aid refund day 09/05/2023
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