Special Event Parking Requests

To reserve special event parking requires approval from a member of the Executive Council Board. As parking resources are limited, arrangements need to be made in advance so that available services and options can be explored.

  • For Mountain Heritage Day and other large events, please request special parking arrangements at least 3 weeks in advance.
  • For general parking services (small events, coning spots) please submit your request at least 1 week ahead of time, so that we can have personnel on hand to accommodate you. 
  • University events are considered events sponsored by the University and not by individual departments  Examples include sporting events, Mt. Heritage Day, and Board of Trustees.
  • Non-University events will be charged a $25.00 minimum.

Rates for Special Parking requests are as follows:

  • $1,000 per lot closure
  • $250 Creek Lot#9c and HHS overflow lot#76B lot closure
  • $25 per space
  • $20 per hour/per parking officer
  • Off-peak parking lot rates available upon request
  • $50 per hour (includes bus and driver)

Parking Request Form

  • Submitting Requests: Requests for service should be submitted at least 48 hours in advance of the event. Requests for service that are received less than 48 hours before the event may not be processed. Large events such as 5Ks, athletic events, job fairs, etc. may require additional resources, planning, and coordination. Please submit those requests as soon as possible during your planning process.

  • Barricades & Cones: Departments and organizations may request the use of barricades and/or cones; however, they are responsible for them. Replacements for lost barricades and cones will be back charged to the department or organization.

  • Officer Staffing: On a case-by-case basis, a decision will be made by the Director of Parking and Transportation as to whether the on-duty staff can facilitate requests for staffing. However, departments and organizations should budget for this service.

Please note, if you are requesting Parking Operations to reserve a parking lot or individual space(s), please keep in mind it is the responsibility of the person/group making the request to staff the lot or spaces to make sure they remain clear.  Parking Operations will only provide enforcement if we come by the lot and see someone violate the closure.   

Fees and Additional Information


Effective July 1, 2014 spaces reserved for events will be $25.00 per space or $1000.00 per lot. These charges include all lots within the campus except for the Creek Lot (9C) and the HHS Gravel Overflow Lot 76B. For 2014-2015, the Creek Lot, which is located across Catamount Road from the Ramsey Center and the HHS Gravel Overflow Lot 76B will cost $250 for the lot or $25.00 per space.


Parking Services will issue free short term non-student/faculty/staff visitor permits for campus at the Parking Services Office M-F, 8-5.


Parking Services will cone or block spaces for events. Charges will apply. (Non-University events minimum $25.00)


Parking Services will provide services to monitor to reserve the parking lot for an event (evening and weekend events only). It's common for monitor services to start 2.5 hours before the start of the event. Charges will apply. (Non-University events minimum $25.00).


Parking Services will post a sign at the entrances to a lot stating that it is reserved on the event date. This option is only available outside normal lot operational hours (after 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends). Parking is not guaranteed with this option. Parking Services will not respond to remove vehicles or issue citations to vehicles that do not observe the posted sign. Charges will apply.


Parking Services will reserve parking lots exclusively for a specific event when requested and not conflicting with other University events. Charges will apply.


Barricades are available upon request. Charges will apply. (Non-University events minimum $25.00)

Event Information
If necessary, e-mail map with notations to fjbauknecht@email.wcu.edu
If staffing is desired, contact the Parking Services Department (828.227.3904) to make the necessary arrangements.
Your Information
Please ensure you have prior verbal communication or approval from your respective executive council member before submitting this request.
Large events such as 5Ks, athletic events, job fairs, etc. may require additional resources, planning, and coordination. Please submit those requests as soon as possible during your planning process.
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