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Parking on Campus

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Every motorist desiring to park on campus is required to register with the WCU Parking Operations Office. A parking permit is required to secure parking privileges. While a permit does not guarantee a parking space in a specific space or area, it authorizes the permit holder to seek a parking space in an area designated by the Regulations.  Western Carolina University is able to provide ample parking on campus for all registered vehicles, although spaces will not always be available at desired locations. 

Parking and operating a vehicle on campus is a privilege extended by the University subject to ordinances adopted by the Board of Trustees. This privilege may be revoked if a person seriously or habitually violates the regulations.

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Where to Park 

Generally, yellow stripes denote spaces for faculty and staff members; white striped spaces are for students and green lines are for metered spaces. White striped spaces near the residence halls are for on-campus resident students. Freshmen are not permitted to park at the residence halls. Freshmen must park in freshmen Catamount Lot #73, Walker A Lot #19A, South Baseball Lot #8B or HHS Overflow Lot# 76B. Commuter students are permitted to park in faculty/staff spaces after 5:00 pm Monday-Friday and weekends. 

Be sure to observe parking control signs designating other restrictions in these categories. All faculty/staff areas are designated as wheel-lock/tow zones during normal business hours Monday through Friday 8:00am-5:00pm, during the Fall, Spring, and Summer semester and including Advising Day.

Beginning in the Fall 2018 academic year parking operations will begin utilizing License Plate Recognition (LPR). Please visit our LPR page to learn about our new system! 

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