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 Parking Operations LPR Units

Beginning in the Fall 2018 academic year parking operations will begin utilizing License Plate Recognition (LPR).  LPR is a system that is widely used across the US and can assist our department in becoming more fair and efficient.  LPR can assist not only parking operations but also local law enforcement.  The new system will scan a license plate and let the officer know if the plate is valid in our system and if there is a violation.

So what all do you need to know about LPR?

  • All vehicles parking on campus must register for a parking permit.  No registration citations are $132.  
  • All vehicles must pull into parking spaces so that the license plate is visible to the LPR unit.  No backing in or pulling through spaces at this time.
  • A $25 citation will be issued beginning in August for vehicles who back into or pull through a parking space unless they have a license plate displayed on the front of their vehicle.
  • Vehicles are still required to have and display a parking hang tag.  Our goal is to no longer use hang tags for the 2019/2020 academic year. 

Along with LPR, we have relocated some of our meter lots.  You can access the meter lot map here.

  • Coulter lot #33 will no longer be a meter lot and will now be designated for faculty/staff.
  • The UC lot #31 (area near the bookstore) will now be a meter lot.
  • Killian East lot #34 will now be a meter lot.

Please notice the lines of the parking spaces that you pull into!

  • Yellow: Faculty/Staff
  • White: Students
  • Green: Meter



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