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Growth in enrollment has significant impact on Parking and Transportation and our vibrant campus. One of the goals of campus growth and development is to create a campus core that is pedestrian friendly. To meet the needs of this continued growth in the core of campus, we have developed a plan to meet parking needs, as well as the needs of our community as it continues to grow.

Additional Long-Term Storage Lot

A long-term storage lot has been added so that resident students may “STORE” their vehicles off campus for a minimal fee. This offers added convenience for residents still needing occasional access to a vehicle. Students living on campus and eligible for residential parking may apply for this permit. This long-term storage lot is a portion of the HHS overflow lot #76B and will have its own permit.  The CAT-TRAN accesses this lot during business hours.

NOTE: Long-term storage lot permits do not include on-campus parking.

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