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T2 is the online system that Western Carolina University's Parking Operations uses to issue citations.

Faculty/Staff and students can login to their personalized T2 portal to register for their permits online, as well as view and appeal citations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the information below for the most common questions regarding the T2 Parking Portal. If you have additional questions, contact Parking Operations, Monday-Friday 8am-5pm at 828.227.7275.

Super simple! Login to the using your WCU email and password.

  • View important messages and announcements
  • Register for a parking permit
  • View Citations
  • Appeal Citations
  • Add/Remove Vehicles from your account
  • Log into the parking portal and click "get permits". From there, follow the directions on the screen. When registering, you will need your license plate information, registration and vehicle make/model/color. Please double check that you have entered your license plate information in correctly.
  • Registration of a vehicle at the University requires accurate information. Giving of false information constitutes false registration and will result in a campus fine of $100.00 as well as loss of campus parking privileges. Violator(s) will be required to surrender the parking permit to the Parking Operations office with no refund.
  • Insurance · The State of North Carolina requires that all persons requesting parking privileges on the campus must certify that their vehicle(s) are insured at or higher than the levels mandated in North Carolina General Statute 20-279.1(11). Prior to a permit being issued, the applicant must provide the insurance company name and policy number. 
  • If you register your vehicle and receive your parking permit, then do not attend WCU you are required to return the permit immediately before a credit can be issued to your student account. 

Log into the parking portal and click "vehicles".

  • If you want to add a vehicle, click "add vehicle" and follow directions on the screen. If adding a vehicle you will need, license plate, vehicle make/model/color and insurance information.
  • If you want to delete a vehicle, click on the license plate of the vehicle that you no longer have and at the bottom of the screen click "delete".
  • A faculty member, staff member or student displaying a counterfeit or altered campus parking permit or a campus parking permit issued to another vehicle registrant will pay a campus fine of $100.00 and a wheel lock fee. If the parking permit is listed as stolen, the situation may be referred to the University Police Department. Criminal charges may apply for the possession/use of a stolen permit. 
  • A faculty member, staff member or student may not register a vehicle that is owned or used by another faculty member, staff member or student. Violation of this rule is false registration and constitutes a campus fine of $100.00, as well as loss of campus parking privileges. Violator(s) will be required to surrender the parking permit to the University Parking Operations with no refund. 
  • If two (2) or more members of a family are employed or enrolled as students and use multiple parking spaces, each automobile must display a valid parking permit. 

Keep in mind that if you are appealing a citation, it must be appealed within 14 days after receiving the citation. To appeal, log into the parking portal and click on "citations" and then click "appeal" next to the citation information and follow the directions from there. All appeals go through the SGA. State citations are not appealable through the SGA. 

After the appeal process is complete, you will receive an email letting you know what decision was made. You can view appeal decisions by logging into the parking portal and clicking on "view your letters".  

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