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 Human Resources and Payroll

302 HFR Administration Building 

Western Carolina University 
1 University Drive
Cullowhee, NC 28723 
Fax 828.227.7007


Name/Email Title/Function Ext

Matthew G. Brown:

Director of Benefits, Classification and Compensation
Retirement Counseling and Processing, Benefits, Classification and Compensation Management, Disability Consultation, ADA Accommodation Requests and HR Budget Management.


Cory Causby:

Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Payroll


Jen Cross:

HR Specialist – Payroll
Bi-weekly and Student Payroll, Employment Verifications


Chris Dahlquist:

Talent Development Manager
Employee Recognition Events and Services, Employee Orientation & Engagement Programs, Performance Management, Talent Development and Training, and Organizational Development


Alicia Estes:

Technology Support Analyst
Implementation; Unemployment Insurance, Talent Management Systems


Nancy Ford:

Director of Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition, & Development
EEO Reporting, Compliance & Education, EHRA/Faculty Recruitment, Search Committee Education, Staff/SHRA Recruitment, Coaching/Consulting, Disciplinary Process, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Exit Interview Process, and Grievance/Mediation Services, Non-work Study Employment


Heidi Hyatt:

HR Consultant - Benefits
New Employee Benefits Enrollment and Benefits Questions regarding Health Insurance, NC FLEX, Tuition Waiver/Reimbursement


Leela Livis:

HR Specialist - Payroll
Permanent/Monthly Payroll, Backup for Bi-weekly and Student Payroll, General Payroll Consultation, Print/Distribute W-2s, Research and Analyze Payroll Discrepancies


Kaitlan Randazzo:

HR Consultant- Employment
SHRA/EHRA Hiring Proposals, Faculty Postings/EEO Reports, Faculty & Adjunct Contracts/Hiring Proposals, NC Arboretum Processing, Time-Limited/Temporary/Adjunct Faculty Appointments, Background Screening, Academic Affairs Liaison, ACA Verification & Compliance, FMLA Medical Requests


Ricky Lanning:

HR Consultant- Position Management
Classification and Compensation of New Positions, Restudy Requests and Salary Actions for Existing Positions, Position Management, Supplemental Pay (ExtraComp,Overload, etc.), Fixed Term Reappointments


Michelle Lawson:

HR Specialist - Student Employment, Non-Work Study Student Employment, Student Postings/Hiring Proposals, Student Employment Training and Student Intakes


Jacey Jenkins:

HR Specialist - Business Systems
HR Systems and Reporting, Banner/HRIS/HR DataMart, Talent Managment Systems Support and Student/Adjunct/Temp Job Records, Supervisor Change Updates and Fixed Asset Coordinator


Sandy Neuenschwander:

HR Specialist
Front-line HR/Payroll Support, General HR Inquiries, Assists with Records Management


Toni Jones:

Director of Payroll Services
Payroll Oversight


Michele Curtis:

HR Specialist - Employment
SHRA/EHRA Postings SHRA/EHRA EEO Reports Student Employment Intakes Onboarding Backup Job Fairs Background Screening – Minors


Trisha Ray:

Employee Relations Consultant
Exit Interviews & Process, FMLA with Parental Leave Requests,  Search Committee Education, Disciplinary Process, Coaching/Consultation, Employee Assistance Program (EAP), and Probationary (SHRA) Period Management, Disability Backup


Susan Waite:

Leave Specialist
Coordinates Maintenance of Leave Accruals for all Leave-Earning Employees, Special Leave, Voluntary Shared Leave, Adverse Weather Leave, Community Service Leave


Donna Watson:

Director of HR Systems and Data Management
HR Data/Systems Management, Report Development/Requests, and UNCHR Data Mart


Kristi Westphal:

HR Specialist - Employment
New Hire Intakes for SHRA/EHRA/Faculty & Adjuncts SHRA Job Applicant Qualifying via Talent Management New Hire Faculty & Adjuncts Banner Entry/Access Transcripts and AA21 Credential Compliance International Employee Compliance Training & Development Registration, Facilitation & Compliance Job Fairs Backup for SHRA/EHRA Banner Entry, Adjunct Reinstatements and Access, Temp Hourly/Salary Intakes/Onboarding, and Temp Hourly Postings and Hiring Proposals.


Allison Castro:

HR Specialist - Employment
Temp Hourly/Salary Postings & Hiring Proposals New Hire Temp Hourly/Salary Intakes/Onboarding and I-9 Compliance SHRA/EHRA New Hire Banner Entry Adjunct Reinstatements, I-9 Compliance, & Reinstating Access Promotions/Transfers/Hourly to Permanent for SHRA/EHRA/Faculty Temp Hourly/Salary Employee Changes via PO3 Forms Highlands Biological Station Processing Updated Credential Compliance if needed


Emily Woleslagle

HR Specialist - HR/Payroll and Data Integrity 
HR/PR Processing, Prior State Service, Longevity, Salary Study Requests


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