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Roles & Responsibilities

The effectiveness of the Visual Arts & Theatre Safety Program depends on cooperation and understanding among all parties involved.  The general safety responsibilities for each of the key participants are summarized below:

Faculty and Staff:

  • Enforce safety rules for students and visitors.
  • Ensure that proper safety equipment, such as eye protection, gloves, guards, and fire extinguishers are readily available, operable, and known to all people in the studio.
  • Maintain ventilation for hazardous fumes/dusts as much as possible.
  • Ensure that appropriate warning signs are placed within the area.
  • Provide training on chemical hazard information, safety rules, and recommended safe work practices.
  • Ensure that safety data sheets (SDS/MSDS) for hazardous chemicals stored and used in the studio are available.
  • Prohibit eating, drinking, or smoking in the studios.


  • Follow the studio safety rules at all times.
  • Report any unsafe conditions to the studio supervisor or instructor.
  • Report accidents, even minor ones, to the studio supervisor or instructor.

Safety & Risk Management Office:

  • Update the Visual Arts & Theatre Safety Program manual.
  • Conduct safety inspections of the studios.
  • Check safety equipment and maintain certification for the chemical fume hoods.
  • Monitor hazardous material storage and waste disposal.
  • Investigate accidents and hazardous material incidents.
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