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Laser Safety

Safety and Risk Management has developed a program to provide guidance to WCU faculty, staff, and students for the safe operation of lasers and laser systems and to ensure compliance with the American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers (ANSI Z 136-2007).



Principal Investigators conducting work with lasers should have the following available for their lab personnel: 

Laser Safety Program

Access to the current Laser Safety Program manual.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOPs for Class 3b and Class 4 lasers must be written and made available to lab personnel.  A template Laser SOP is provided which can be modified for the specific lab.  The SOP should be signed by all personnel using the laser and training documentation should be available during lab inspections.

Laser Registration

The Principal Investigator must notify the Safety Office of all Class 3b or Class 4 lasers/laser systems by submitting a Laser Registration Form.  The form must be re-submitted when significant modifications are made to the original laser/laser system.  The Safety Office will conduct a hazard evaluation of the laser work area and make necessary recommendations.  The Safety Office should also be notified if the Laser is transferred to another PI on campus, transferred off campus, or is intended to be sold or disposed of.

Laser Safety Training

Lab personnel working with Class 3b or Class 4 lasers are required to complete the online safety training administered by the Safety and Risk Management Office.  Please submit the Hazard Assessment Training Determination Form to be enrolled in the training.  

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