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Billing Policy

Billing Policy


Maintenance and repair funding of building and building systems is the responsibility of Facilities Management.  State funding is provided for those costs associated with academic and administrative facilities.  Self-liquidating facilities such as cafeterias, student dormitories, bookstore, etc., are responsible for costs of maintenance and repair.



There are exceptions to this service that fall outside the scope of ordinary maintenance and upkeep. The more common of these exceptions are minor space renovations, repair to or installation of departmental equipment, and support for departmental social functions. Often, design services and cost estimating are chargeable costs.  The costs for items classified as exceptions are billed on a monthly basis.

Any questions, comments, or problems should be directed to the Facilities Management Business Officer at 828-227-7442.

If you are in need of any services having to do with the buildings and grounds at WCU, please complete a work request form.

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