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Electron Garden

electron garden


The Electron Garden on the Green (EGG): The Electron Garden on the Green is a solar powered hammock lounge. Designed by three WCU students as part of an engineering capstone class, this structure has a capacity of  ~10kW per hour. Over a typical day, the energy produced by the EGG is equivalent to the energy use of the average American household.

Melanie Flowers


On the columns are hooks for students to hang up hammocks, equipped with outdoor-rated outlets so that students can make use of the 3 prong outlets or usb outlets in order to charge their laptops or phones directly from solar. This is believed to be the first combination solar power generating facility and hammock “hanging lounge” on any college campus in the nation.

The Electron Garden on the Green (EGG) highlights the cooperation between the Sustainable Energy Initiative and the Office of Sustainability and Energy Management. 

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