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Fixed Assets

Campus Lawn


Fixed assets are the pieces of equipment owned by or in the custody of WCU. The university is responsible and accountable for the inventory and control of this equipment.

Annual Fixed Asset Coordinator Meetings:

February 08, 2024  9:00am - 11:00am via ZOOM

WCU Asset Inventory Control

WCU Asset Control Form
Whenever a qualifying asset is permanently moved, missing, or stolen, the department is required to complete this form (an asset qualifies if it is $5,000 or greater, or an IT tracked asset). If you have questions about whether an asset qualifies, please call Lacy Ensley (227.2583) or Nick Jones (227.2511). Instructions

Surplus Assets
See Surplus Property Information
Used to declare items surplus and request their pickup and removal. All items going to surplus (tagged and untagged) should be listed on the form. Be sure to include the WCU purple tag number (if applicable).

Note: Disposal or cannibalization of any university equipment requires prior approval from the WCU's Surplus Property Manager.

Donated Assets
WCU Asset Inventory Control Form
Used to record equipment items the department has received at no cost, i.e., donated, by assembly, or furnished by the government.

Removing Assets from Campus
Removal of Fixed Assets

As a general rule, removal of University equipment, furnishings, and similar property from campus is not permitted. However, certain exceptions do exist and are listed on this form. For more information, see University Policy 75.

Removal of IT Assets

As a general rule, removal of University equipment, furnishings, and similar property from campus is not permitted. However, certain exceptions do exist and are listed on this form. For more information, see University Policy 75.

Equipment Return Form
Equipment Return Form
Used to record equipment returned to vendor such as trade-ins (preapproved by WCU's Surplus Property Manager) or due to insufficient funds from departmental budget.

Equipment Transfer Form

Equipment Transfer Form_WCU Campus

Used to record equipment transferred to another department on campus.

Equipment Transfer Form_UNC System

Used to record equipment permanently transferred to another university or state agency. When making a transfer of surplus personal property between constituent institutions of the UNC System, the originating (transferring) institution and receiving institution must complete and sign the UNC System Personal Property Transnfer Request form. Instructions

Equipment Inventory Verification Report
Lists the department's purple tagged equipment ($5,000 or greater) and is used by that department to verify their annual tagged equipment inventory. The department will receive this annual inventory list from the Fixed Asset Accountant in the Controller’s Office.

Missing Assets
WCU Asset Inventory Control Form 
Used to report an asset missing by documenting reason for missing and steps taken to locate the asset.

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