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Budget Process

The Budget Process will begin with requests originating at the college/unit or department level. These requests will be finalized by each division after a series of open hearings. Budget requests will consist of recurring and non-recurring requests for fiscal year 2020-21, and must align with the 2020 Vision.

Recurring and non-recurring requests are submitted during the Spring semester prior to the campus-wide hearing where they will be considered for the next fiscal year.  The 2020-21 Budget Process page (link at right) contains instructions, calendar, and department/division hearings dates and proposed department/division budget requests as available.

Ready to get started?

Retrieve Draft Budget Requests: View your Draft Budget Requests 

New Budget Request Home Page -- This new home page will allow WCU employees to see their requests, including find and edit draft requests, see all requests from across the instituition, export requests into Excel (for improved efficiency at the college and division levels), and view requests from prior years. 

Budget Request Form Revisions -- The budget form has changed a little. Submissions will now include a category (described below). Recurring requests will allow related costs (also described below). The look and feel of the form has been updated. Requestors will now be able to submit an attachment if needed. 

Budget Request Categories. In addition to the standard "recurring" and "non-recurring" categorization of funding requests, there is an additional category this cycle. Each request will be categorized by the funding purpose, including: New Faculty, New Staff, Personnel--Increase Existing, Scholarship, and Operating Increases (Unfunded Mandates, New Initiatives, Inflationary Increase, General Support).

Recurring Requests Will Have Additional Fields for Associated Costs. Recurring requests will allow the requestor to submit an associated one-time/start-up cost (e.g., equipment for a new science lab, moving expenses), and/or associated recurring/operational funds (e.g., operating costs associated with travel, professional development, supplies, equipment). 

Budget Process Timeline. Recurring and Non-Recurring Budget Requests are due March 2020. View the 2020-21 Budget Process page for the full calendar/schedule.

2020-21 WCU Budget Process Calendar

Budget instructions released - January 8

Recurring and Non-Recurring budget requests due & Division Prioritization Done- March 31
   Recurring and non-recurring budget requests should be submitted online and prioritized by division leadership. Division level budget hearings conclude

Chancellor's University Wide Budget Hearing - April TBD
   Provost and Vice Chancellors/Division Heads present their requests. Open to all of campus. The Chancellor's Leadership Council and Budget Advisory Committee should plan to attend.

Joint Meeting of Chancellor Leadership Council & Budget Advisory Committee - April TBD
   The Chancellor's Leadership Council and Budget Advisory Committee meet to discuss budget requests.

University Wide Budget Hearings

Chancellor’s Budget Hearing / April TBD

  • Each member of the Executive Council will present his/her Division’s prioritized budget requests.
  • Presentations are limited to 25 minutes.
  • The Chancellor’s Leadership Council and the University Budget Advisory Committee should attend.
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Council & Budget Advisory Committee Budget Retreat will occur in late April.
  • The Chancellor’s Leadership Council and the Budget Advisory Committee will engage in dialogue regarding institutional budget priorities.
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