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2015-16 Budget Process

The 2015-16 Budget Process began with budget requests originating at the department level. These requests were finalized by division after a series of open hearings. The division requests were presented at a campus hearing, discussed at a Joint Meeting with Chancellors Leadership Council and the Budget Advisory Committee, and then considered by campus leadership for fiscal year 2015-16 budget decisions.

Joint Meeting - Chancellors Leadership Council & Budget Advisory Committee

Joint CLC-BAC Discussion Notes

Approved One-Time Priorities

Approved One-Time Priorities of 2015-16 Budget Process

Campus Budget Hearing

Budget Hearing Agenda

This table shows presentations and detailed request information by division.

Division Presentation Requests
Chancellors Office Presentation Request
Academic Affairs Presentation Request
Student Affairs Presentation Request
Administration & Finance Presentation Request
Athletics Presentation Request
Information Technology Presentation Request (intranet link)


Budget Process Calendar

Budget Process Calendar

The calendar dates are different for Academic Affairs units and Non-Academic units.

Memos & Instructions from Board of Governors and OSBM

Board of Governors 2015-17 Recommended Budget

OSBM 2015-17 Budget Instructions


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