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2014-15 Budget Process

This page contains the instructions, forms, schedule, and division requests for Fiscal Year 2014-15 that occurred during the Spring 2013 campus based budget process.

The 2014-15 Budget Process began with budget requests originating at the department level. These requests were finalized by division after a series of open hearings. The division requests were presented at a campus hearing, discussed at a Joint Meeting with Chancellors Leadership Council and the Budget Advisory Committee, and then considered by campus leadership for fiscal year 2014-15 budget decisions.

Joint Meeting - Chancellors Leadership Council & Budget Advisory Committee

Joint CLC-BAC Discussion Notes

Campus Budget Hearing

Budget Hearing Agenda & Request Summaries

Chancellors Office Budget Hearing Presentation
Academic Affairs Budget Hearing Presentation
Student Affairs Budget Hearing Presentation
Administration & Finance Budget Hearing Presentation
Athletics Budget Hearing Presentation
Information Technology Budget Hearing Presentation This is a secure intranet link. It requires VPN access from off campus.


Budget Requests by Division for 2014-15

Chancellors Office
Academic Affairs
Student Affairs - none
Administration & Finance
Information Technology This is a secure intranet link. It requires VPN access from off campus.


Budget Process Instructions, Forms, Calendar for 2014-15


Academic Affairs unit forms

Non-Academic unit forms

Budget Process Calendar - dates were different for Academic Affairs and Non-Academic units

Memos & Instructions from Board of Governors and OSBM

Board of Governors 2014-15 Budget Priorities

OSBM 2014-15 Budget Preparation Memo

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