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Strategic Direction #2 – Student Experience

We will enrich the student experience through creating intentional cocurricular and curricular programs, which will prepare students to successfully engage in a vibrant, complex, and culturally diverse world.

Foster a student-centered campus culture that enhances the student experience, promotes active citizenship and inclusion, and celebrates institutional traditions.

Initiative 2.1.1: Create opportunities through DegreePlus for students to explore points of view on different issues and to understand the perspectives of others through civil and informed discourse and debate.

Initiative 2.1.2: Promote a culture of student academic honesty, expanding educational programming around academic integrity and truth seeking.

Initiative 2.1.3: Create and track opportunities for student membership/leadership on institutional decision-making committees and organizations.

Initiative 2.1.4: Implement diversity and inclusion initiatives to enhance students' understanding of other ethnicities and cultures.

Initiative 2.1.5: Sustain a thriving athletics program that instills pride among students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends of the University.

Instill institutional pride through more visible recognition and celebration of university achievements and traditions.

Initiative 2.2.1: Create and sustain campus traditions and experiences that strengthen students’ connection to their University and its surrounding communities.

Initiative 2.2.2: Build and sustain educational programs and celebrations of Cherokee history, culture, and traditions.

Implement DegreePlus.

Initiative 2.3.1: Actively recruit and prepare faculty and appropriate staff to successfully facilitate student participation in DegreePlus.

Create a campus environment that facilitates a healthy lifestyle for students.

Initiative 2.4.1: Develop a cross functional collaborative wellness model to meet student needs.

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