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Strategic Planning Committee

Western Carolina University's Strategic Planning Committee is made up of 37 members from a variety of units across campus. The members on this committee serve on a rotation and their terms are included in their listing along with division and title.

  • One Representative from Diversity & Inclusion
  • One Representative from Marketing & Communications
  • One Representative from Public Relations or External Relations
  • One Faculty Representative from Each College
  • One Staff Representative from Student Success
  • One Staff Representative from the Registrar’s Office
  • One Staff Representative from Educational Outreach
  • One Staff Representative from Programs in Asheville/Biltmore Park
  • One Representative from the Office of the Vice Chancellor
  • One Representative from Health & Wellness
  • One Representative from Campus Activities OR Campus Services
  • Two Representative from Enrollment Management or Admissions
  • One Representative from Facilities Management
  • One Representative from Fiscal Affairs
  • One Representative from Advancement
  • One Representative from Athletics
  • Ex-Officio Members
  • Student Representatives

2022-2023 Committee

Chair - Kim Winter, Dean, College of Education & Allied Professions (2020-2023)
Staff Senate Representative - Betsy Aspinwall, Chair, Staff Senate (2022-2023)
Staff Senate Representative - Zachary Williams, Chair-Elect, Staff Senate (2022-2023)
Faculty Senate Representative - Kae Livey, Chair, Faculty Senate (2022-2023)

Chancellor's Division

Diversity & Inclusion - Ricardo Nazario y Colón, Chief Diversity Officer (2020-2023)
Marketing & Communications - Deborah Millican, Public Communications Specialist (2022-2024)
Public Relations or External Relations - Christy Agner, Director of External Affairs (2020-2023)

Division of Academic Affairs

Belcher College of Fine & Performing Arts - Patrice Brown, Assistant Professor of Interior Design (2022-2024)
College of Arts & Sciences - Jessica Hayden, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Affairs (2021-2024)
College of Business - Vittal Anantatmula, Professor of Project Management (2020-2023)
College of Education & Allied Professions - Lisen Roberts, Associate Professor of Counseling (2022-2024)
College of Engineering & Technology - John Hildreth, Endowed Professor, Kimmel School of Construction Management (2021-2024)
College of Health & Human Sciences - Denise Wilfong, Associate Professor of Health Sciences (2020-2023)
Graduate School - Brian Kloeppel, Dean, Graduate School & Research (2021-2024)
Student Success - Travis Bulluck, Director of Academic Advising (2020-2022)
Registrar - April Hicks, Conferral Specialist (2022-2024)
Educational Outreach - Tony Miller, Associate Director for Distance Learning (2020-2023)
Programs in Asheville/Biltmore Park - Kevan Frasier, Executive Director, WCU at Biltmore Park (2020-2023)
Hunter Library - Chuck Thomas, Dean, Library (2022-2023)
Honor’s College - Jill Granger, Dean (2020-2023)

Division of Student Affairs

Office of the Vice Chancellor - Bashaun Smith, Dean of Students (2020-2023)
Health & Wellness - Bradon MacCallum, Director of Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (2022-2024)
Campus Activities or Campus Services - Jane Adams-Dunford, Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (2021-2024)
Enrollment Management or Admissions
Enrollment Management or Admissions - Mike Langford, Director of Admissions (2020-2023)

Division of Administration and Finance

Facilities Management - Joe Walker, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management (2021-2024)
Fiscal Affairs

Division of Advancement

Advancement - Ben Pendry, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Development (2022-2023)

Catamount Athletics

Athletics - Kyle Pifer, Senior Associate Athletic Directory (2022-2024)

Ex-Officio Members

Information Technology (IT) - Dan Berk, Director of Applications and Systems
Institutional Planning & Effectiveness - Tim Metz, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Institutional Planning & Effectiveness
Human Resources - Cory Causby, Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Payroll
Internal Audit - Gary Malloy, Chief Audit Officer
Marketing & Communications - Emily Giarette, Content Management System Coordinator
CEAP Dean’s Office - Regina Aton, Executive Assistant to the Dean

Student Representation (Annual Appointments)

Undergraduate - Libby Weitkamp, Economic Analysis (2022-2023) 

Office of Web Services