OneStop Staff

OneStop Staff

Headshot of Lisa Frady


Lisa Frady, OneStop Advisor

  • Hometown: Sylva, NC
  • Employed at WCU since 1998
  • Hobbies: crochet/knitting, camping, fishing, biking

Headshot of Aramis Martinez


Aramis Martinez, OneStop Advisor

  • Hometown: Hialeah, FL
  • Employed at WCU since 2016
  • Hobbies: knowledge seeker, comics, video games

Headshot of Justin Massey


Justin Massey, Director

  • Hometown: Marshall, NC
  • Employed at WCU since 2018
  • Hobbies: traveling, baking, reading


OneStop Student Service Center
132 Killian Annex
Cullowhee, NC 28723
Phone: 828-227-7170 

Mission and Goals

Through a centralized, student-centered approach, the OneStop Student Service Center aims to empower and serve the students, faculty, and staff at Western Carolina University. OneStop supports the campus community by making accessible, in one location, multiple student service delivery areas. We strive to work in coordination with our partner offices and the greater campus community to promote academic success, increase retention, remove barriers associated with graduation, and improve the overall student experience.

1. OneStop is committed to serving all students. To do so, we will increase our survey response collection by 25% annually to gauge student satisfaction in service and delivery areas.
2. The OneStop Unit is committed to a positive student experience. We will streamline and make more accessible the student processes associated with the MyWCU student account. To do so we will design and implement an interactive, user-friendly website to assist students in completing these processes.
3. In its inception, OneStop was designed as a single stop for students; we are committed to this purpose. For the 18-19 Academic Year, we will lower our average referral rate by 15%. We will do so by first clearly defining the referral process, and partner with campus members to deliver a high level of customer service for those processes we do not facilitate.
4. OneStop will track each of our student transactions more closely. This includes the students that we serve in-person, on the telephone, online via the website, and through email. We will use this data along with survey responses to make more informed decisions about the unit moving forward.

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