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Alma Mater Song

Rehearsal has looked a little different this semester, but our choir students have continued to come together to make music and share their talents. Throughout the semester, they have gathered weekly via Zoom to warm up and rehearse. Using cameras on their laptops and smartphones, they record solo tracks that are then edited together by a sound engineer into final virtual choir videos. 

"The students have done incredibly well this semester. I am so proud of them," said Dr. Allison Thorp, Director of Choral Activities. "When we first decided to go online, I worried that the quality of their learning would decrease, but they have risen to the challenge. Their willingness to learn new technology and adapt to unforeseen circumstances highlights their character's quality and speaks to the incredible potential they have in their future careers. I couldn't be more proud of their success."

For the 2020 commencement ceremonies, we may not be able to interlock arms in the Ramsey Center and sing together these words one final time. Still, we hope you can enjoy this virtual performance and look forward to singing together in the future with our newest members of the Catamount alumni family.

Hail to the, our alma mater, faithful, kind, and true

Every son and every daughter offers praise to you

Hail to the dearest spot of all

Hail to WCU

Light and life and fond devotion

All to the are due

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