Western Carolina University 125th


We would like to say thank you to the following donors for their generous support of Western Carolina University's 125th Anniversary Celebration.

Thank you for Making A Difference and Inspiring New Heights.

Melissa Canady Wargo
Kellie Angelo Monteith
Co-Chairs, 125th Anniversary Celebration

Ms. Katherine Abbott-Beam and Mr. David Beam

Dr. K. Heather Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth M. Allen

Ms. Betty J. Allen

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Allman, Jr.

Dr. Vittal Anantatmula

Mr. and Mrs. David H. Andrew

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence G. Arbaugh, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Ashe

Mr. Herb Bailey

Dr. Marsha L. Baker and Mr. Thomas R. Baker

Ms. Ruby M. Banerjee and Dr. Debasish Banerjee

Ms. Daria A. Barrett

Mr. Joseph C. Bassett

Ms. Bonnie J. Beam

The Honorable and Mrs. James A. Beaty, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. David O. Belcher

Ms. Mistie Bibbee

Ms. Bonnie S. Blalock

Ms. Morgan A. Blanton

Ms. Dana C. Boyer

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Randall Brevard

Dr. Lisa T. Briggs and Mr. Kent Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Brown, III

Dr. Carol Burton

Ms. Amy J. Burton

Mr. Robert A. Byrd, Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. Dale Carpenter

Mrs. Joyce A. Carpenter

Ms. Diana Catley and Dr. Kefyn Catley

Dr. and Mrs. Gurney E. Chambers

Ms. Lynne K. Chiger

Ms. Natalie S. Clark

Drs. David and Mae Claxton

Dr. Margaret L. Connolly

Dr. Cheryl M. Conway

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry L. Cook

Dr. Michelle K. Cooper

Ms. Deborah Michelle Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Coward

Mr. Robert L. Craig

Ms. Kristen L. Crosson

Dr. Laura E. Cruz

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allen Davis

Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Richard Davis

Mr. Winston W. Davis

Ms. Christy C. D'Errico

Drs. Judy and Tom Dowell

Ms. Charlotte R. Eckard

Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Edwards

Ms. Jolene D. Elkins

Drs. Keith and Nina Elliott

Ms. Marjorie Eyre

Dr. and Mrs. Robert M. Failing

Ms. Karen M. Farmer

Dr. Mimi Fenton

Mr. Jose J. Figueroa

Mr. Jesse T. Flake

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Folsom

Ms. Briana L. Ford

Dr. Susan F. Fouts

Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis A. Fox

Ms. Latricia D. Freeman

Mr. Patrick J. Gardner

Dr. and Mrs. Michael D. Gillespie

Ms. Elizabeth P. Gilliland

Dr. Kimberly S. Gorman

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery W. Gorsuch

Ms. Laura K. Gosnell

Mr. David V. Goss

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S. Grand

Dr. Jessica E. Graning

Ms. Myra W. Grant

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Green

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Greene

Ms. Leslie E. Greer

Ms. Judith B. Griffin-Alden and Mr. John Stephen Alden

Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Griggs

Drs. A. J. and Dan Grube

Dr. John C. Habel

Ms. Phoebe J. Hall

Mr. Adam Thomas Hardin

Ms. Danna L. Harrell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Haskett

Ms. Emily D. Haskett

Ms. Colleen A. Hayes

Ms. Jennifer K. Hemmelgarn

Ms. Jessica M. Henson

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Hill

Mr. and Mrs. H. Mike Hill

Mr. and Mrs. Cedric L. Hitchcock

Dr. and Mrs. Mark A. Holliday

Mr. John F. Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Hunter

Dr. Susan Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Dee Jessup

Dr. Tony E. Johnson

Mrs. Angela Davis Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Dana J. Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Jordan

Mr. and Mrs. David Kaemmerling

Mr. Hayrettin Bora Karayaka

Dr. Douglas Robert Keskula and Dr. Elizabeth T. Wark

Mrs. Joan E. King

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Kiser, Jr.

Dr. Brian D. Kloeppel

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip B. Kneller

Mrs. Kimberly N. Kopak

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lambreth

Mr. Clifton Peter Lambreth

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Lancaster

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Lancaster

Mr. Dick Lankford

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest F. Lasher

Dr. Lisa J. Lefler

Dr. Beth Lofquist and Mr. Victor Lofquist

Mr. William Cladie Loggins

Ms. Cindy D. Lovelace

Ms. Carol MacKusick

Ms. Cathey A. Maples

Dr. Brenda G. Marques

Mr. William Paul Mason

Ms. Lori A. Mauney

Ms. Nina Jane McBrayer

Ms. Misa K. McGrath

Mr. and Mrs. Michael McKendrick

Mr. Joel P. McKenzie

Mrs. Billie Timpson McManus

Ms. Melissa McQueen

Dr. Gordon E. Mercer

Dr. Timothy D. Metz

Mr. Charles J. Metz

Mr. James H. Miller Jr and Mrs. Tara Melton-Miller

Ms. Kellie Angelo Monteith

Mr. John A. Moore

Dr. Stephen C. Morse

Mrs. Andrea Moshier

Dr. Hollye K. Moss

Mrs. Donna M. Murphy

Mr. Vijayan Uralikandi Nair

Ms. Laura Mitchell Norris

Dr. Sean P. O'Connell

Dr. Frances A. Owl-Smith and Mr. Doyle Smith

Ms. Julie A. Palermo

Dr. Darrell F. Parker

Mr. and Mrs. Trace W. Pate

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin J. Pendry

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Pettus

Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt H. Picklesimer

Mr. Roger D. Plemens

Mr. and Mrs. Greg B. Plemmons

Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sam Queen

Dr. and Mrs. Brian E. Railsback

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy G. Ramsey

Mr. Martin A. Ramsey

Mr. David H. Rathbone

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Reed

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rippy

Ms. Aja S. Risher

Dr. Anne F. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. Al Rompf

Mr. and Mrs. William M. Ross

Dr. Roya Q. Scales

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schallock

Mr. Karl N. Schul

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Scott

Drs. Betty and Joel Siegel

Ms. Shauna M. Sleight

Dr. William Kirk Smith

Mrs. Krista M. Smith

Dr. and Mrs. Richard D. Starnes

Dr. Wesley L. Stone

Dr. and Mrs. David Strahan

Mr. Don P. Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. William John Studenc, Jr.

Mrs. Claire A. Suminski

Dr. Jessica I. Swigger

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Sykes

Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Thomas

Mr. Brent L. Thomas

Dr. Lori E. Unruh

Mr. and Mrs. William Valentine

Dr. James E. Van Arsdall

Mr. Todd J. Vasos

Mr. and Mrs. Seth A. Vining

Mr. Joseph H. Walker

Dr. Elizabeth D. Wall-Bassett

Mr. and Mrs. Randall Ward

Mr. Stephen J. Wargo, Jr. and Dr. Melissa C. Wargo

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Webb

Ms. Terry L. Welch

Mr. Philip Martin White

Ms. Meredith C. Whitfield

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell T. Williams

Mrs. Jessie S. Williams

Mr. Steven M. Wilson

Ms. Jennifer D. Wilson

Dr. Kimberly K. Winter

Mr. John Lloyd Withers

Dr. and Mrs. Henry D. Wong

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory S. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. David L. Woodard

Mr. and Mrs. David R. Woodell

Mr. Brett L. Woods

Mrs. Christina Kay Wyatt

Dr. Yanjun Yan

Mr. and Mrs. Jim B. Young

Mr. and Mrs. Tony L. Zande

Mr. Christopher D. Zink

Carabiner Club ($12.50+)  |  Cullowhee Contributor (125.00+)  |  Chancellor’s Champions ($1,250+)