Western Carolina University 125th


To celebrate Western Carolina University’s 125th anniversary and advance the anniversary theme of “Inspiring New Heights,” we have made this family of logos, templates and digital solutions available to help you enhance your communications, and presentations with celebratory style.

Be sure to review the 125th brand usage below so you have the knowledge you need to apply the anniversary brand consistently.

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Proper Usage

If you cannot find an example appropriate for your needs, if you need a file type other than png, or if you have questions about usage please contact us at creativeservices@wcu.edu.

WCU 125 Primary Mark

Primary Mark

Download: Color/Reversed

WCU 125 Vertical Mark

Vertical Mark

Download: Color/Reversed

WCU 125 Limited-Use Theme Graphic
WCU 125 Limited-Use Theme Graphic

Limited-use Theme Graphic

Download: Purple/Gold

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Improper usage

WCU 125 Improper Use - Color Combination
WCU 125 Improper Use - Color/Version
WCU 125 Improper Use - Sub-Brand
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Design templates for various communication channels and media will be available after January 25, 2014 and throughout the yearlong anniversary celebration. If you have questions about how to use the assets, would like additional explanation of specific guidelines or if you would just like someone to review your design to provide pointers on implementing the 125th brand in the most effective ways, feel free to drop us an email creativeservices@wcu.edu.