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Catamount Commitment

NC Promise: The State of North Carolina established the NC Promise Tuition Plan to increase access to a quality university education by reducing student costs. Through NC Promise, tuition for all undergraduate students at WCU has been reduced to $500 per fall and spring semesters for in-state students and $2,500 for out-of-state students. The State of North Carolina is supplementing this cost by matching dollar for dollar the difference between WCU's full cost of tuition and the NC Promise Tuition Plan cost so that students pay less. Earn acceptance, enroll as an undergraduate, and reap the savings every fall and spring term.

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Catamount Commitment: In addition to NC Promise, WCU seeks ways to Honor Our Promise. WCU is committed to Academic Excellence, Access, and Affordability. The Catamount Commitment invests in N.C. students who commit to strategic investment in their futures. Our commitment encourages and incentivizes students to Finish in Four, limit or eliminate college debt, and earn competitive credentials for graduate school or career choices. We commit to financially invest in four years of study for North Carolinians who commit to Live Western.

For timely first-year applicants from NC in WCU's fall 2023 Class

AWARD LEVEL 4 GPA: 4.00+ $3,000 $12,000
AWARD LEVEL 3 GPA: 3.80-3.99 $2,000 $8,000
AWARD LEVEL 2 GPA: 3.65-3.79 $1,500 $6,000
AWARD LEVEL 1 GPA: Up to 3.64 $1,000 $4,000

Our Catamount Commitment:

  • Funding for fall and spring semesters for eligible first-year students (read Terms and Conditions)
  • Award levels that stack on top of NC Promise savings to help address tuition, fees, room, and board
  • Renewability of the award-level commitment for students who honor their commitment
  • Four-year support that can carry into WCU graduate studies for those who graduate early

Your Catamount Commitment Terms and Conditions:

Catamount Commitment Terms and Conditions for the N.C. High School Class of 2023:
APPLY for Admission (Early Action/Honors by Nov. 1) no later than Jan. 2 (,
APPLY for Financial Aid by Jan. 2 (,
APPLY for WCU Scholarships by Feb. 1 (, and
NC PROMISE + CATAMOUNT COMMITMENT may be your minimum savings. 


  1. Eligible applicants must apply as a Cullowhee-based (resident-credit) student pursuing a undergraduate degree.
  2. For maximum admission, honors, and scholarship consideration, high school seniors must apply by the 1 Early Action Deadline. Catamount Commitment requires application submission no later than Jan. 2.
  3. Catamount Commitment is designed for North Carolina students who enroll as first-year students at WCU in summer or fall 2023 ( Applying as a first-year student does not negatively impact earned college credit or WCU class standing (freshman: 0-29 hours, sophomore: 30-59 hours, junior: 60-89 hours, senior: 89 or more hours). N.C. Early College students who graduate from high school, apply as first-year students, and fulfill all other terms and conditions are eligible for consideration. Go to for more information.
  4. Applicants must be competitive enough to earn admission to WCU. Students should review UNC System Minimum Course Requirements (MCR) and Minimum Eligibility Requirements (MER); however, fulfilling those minimum requirements does not ensure admissibility to WCU. The stronger an applicant’s credentials, character, citizenship, engagement, and service during high school, coupled with the timeliness of application steps and record submission, the more competitive the applicant will be for admission. Go to for more information about the Great Grades Guarantee and the Brinson Honors College Guarantee.
  5. Applicants for admission must submit official transcripts of coursework completed to date (if the initial admission offer was based upon self-reported academic information) at the time of Catamount Commitment award notification. Recipients also must submit final official transcripts (high school and college, if applicable) by admission action-step deadlines.
  6. Eligible students must submit the FAFSA by Jan. 2 ( for each year of eligibility unless that requirement is waived by WCU or the applicant requests and receives an exemption because of extenuating circumstances. Contact the WCU Scholarship Office for more details. The FAFSA opens annually on Oct. 1. Prospective students can complete and submit the FAFSA prior to application to WCU.
  7. Eligible students must submit the WCU Scholarship Application by the WCU Scholarship deadline (Feb. 1) each year. The WCU Scholarship Application ( opens annually on Oct. 1. WCU applicants don’t have to wait to be admitted to WCU before submitting the WCU Scholarship Application.
  8. Eligible students must complete all admission, scholarship, financial aid, commitment, and payment action steps by stated deadlines for the offer to remain in effect. Admitted students should read carefully and attend to information they receive and to which they are directed regarding Commitment Actions Steps. For example, admitted students must submit a nonrefundable enrollment deposit ($300) by May 1.
  9. All offers of admission and awards are contingent upon a student’s satisfactory completion of courses, senior-year performance, conduct, and continued competitiveness for admission. Eligible students must graduate and maintain a minimum high school GPA consistent with their offer of admission and the Catamount Commitment Award Level offered. WCU reserves the right to withdraw or adjust the award if a student’s GPA changes significantly (e.g., moves to a lower or higher level, or drops below a threshold competitive for admission). Students must submit final official transcripts for coursework attempted (high school and college) by stated deadlines.
  10. Eligible students must enroll at WCU in summer/fall 2023. Catamount Commitment awards pertain to fall and spring semester enrollment (excludes summer term). Annual award amounts will be divided and distributed evenly between fall and spring semesters.
  11. Eligible students must earn fulltime enrollment (minimum of 12 semester hours per term at the undergraduate level). Recipients are encouraged to earn at least 15 hours each semester to Finish in Four or finish in less than four years (eight semesters). Recipients who maintain eligibility and finish in fewer than eight semesters can apply unused portions toward Graduate School at WCU if they gain admission and enroll in the fall or spring semester immediately upon undergraduate degree completion. Full-time enrollment at the Graduate level is 9 semesters hours per term. Students with remaining eligibility may be able to apply unused funds toward campus based or distance WCU graduate programs. Funds for graduate enrollment may be prorated for students who are enrolled in a graduate program that is structured for fewer than 9 hours per term.
  12. Eligible students who enroll at WCU must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or better at WCU, earn at least 12 credit hours each semester (9 credit hours if a student has remaining eligibility as a graduate student), and remain in good social and academic standing to receive the Catamount Commitment.
  13. To assist other deserving students with access and affordability, award amounts are subject to change based upon financial aid, other scholarships, or institutional awards when a student’s full aid package exceeds WCU Cost of Attendance (COA).
  14. Recipients must read and sign a Catamount Commitment Agreement to signify that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions.


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