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Academic Program Requirements

The Office of Admission is responsible for making admission decisions as they pertain to enrollment at WCU at the undergraduate level but not to a specific undergraduate degree program. Very few undergraduate programs have established an application process or requirements for entering first-year students (some programs within the School of Stage and Screen are an exception). In most instances, first-year applicants are encouraged to declare a major at WCU within the first year and no later than the completion of 45 hours of credit. Transfer students who have met most or all of the WCU liberal studies requirements should be prepared to declare a major upon entering WCU or within the first semester of enrollment.

Numerous programs, however, have established prerequisite or sequential courses, talent criteria (i.e., auditions or portfolio review), minimum GPA attainment or additional admission requirements that affect admissibility to academic programs or length of time to degree completion. Some programs (i.e., nursing, for accreditation reasons) are restricted as to the number of students who may be admitted annually.

First-year students who have earned credit elsewhere through dual enrollment (i.e., early college students) or examinations (i.e., AP or IB), transfer students and re-enrolling students may be affected by specific academic program requirements. Admission to the university does not ensure admission to a specific academic program. Prospective students should review academic program information pertaining to their areas of interest.

Timely submission of official transcripts and examination results is crucial to admission, credit evaluation, academic advising, academic program consideration, orientation and registration processes.

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