More about 2018-2019 Required Fees

Health Service The Student Health Center operates Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., while classes are in session. Students may obtain there the range of treatments customarily performed in an ambulatory care center. Referrals for specialized diagnostic and treatment procedures are also made. $153.00
Student Activity This fee is the principal source of financial support for extracurricular activities for Western Carolina University students. Services supported by this fee include operations of the offices, senate and judiciary that make up the Student Government Association. A wide array of entertainment events for students is underwritten by the fee, as is a series of lectures, exhibitions and concerts. Personnel and operating expense are supported for Campus Recreation and Wellness and Campus Activities Center which attracts participation by most of the campus student population. Student participation in and performances by the University band, choral and orchestral groups, as well as student drama productions, are also subsidized. $309.00
Student Recreation Center Debt Service This fee is established to generate funds to retire indebtedness for the constructions of the Student Recreation Center $77.00
Book Rental (Undergraduate Only) This fee is established to cover the cost of the undergraduate; book rental program. $14700
Athletic The fee supports a NCAA Division I Athletic Program which includes seven men’s and seven women’s sports. Fee revenue supports grants-in-aid for student athletes, personnel costs, and operating expenses such as team travel, recruiting, postage, printing, repairs and maintenance, equipment associated with the intercollegiate athletics program. $378.00
Athletic Facility The fee is established to generate funds to retire indebtedness for athletic facilities. $48.00
University Center Debt Service The fee is established to generate funds to retire indebtedness for the University Center. $12.00
Records & Enrollment Management Fee The documents fee is used to defray costs; associated with the electronic ordering, and the production and delivery of transcripts, enrollment certifications,degree verifications, transfer credit evaluations and other official enrollment related documents for current students. Per semester limits apply to official transcript requests. Students who cease enrollment have a 4-month grace period before per transcript charges apply. $10.00
Education and Technology Education and Technology fee revenues provide for specialized instructional supplies and services and for scientific and information technology equipment not provided by State funds. $272.00
Association of Student Government This fee is sent to The University of North Carolina Association of Student Governments, a student led advocacy group whose main purpose is to ensure that the benefits of The University of North Carolina are extended to the people of North Carolina, as far as practicable, free of expense. $0.50
Sustainability This fee funds environmental initiatives and student learning opportunities. $5.00
Transportation This fee generates funds for a comprehensive shuttle service to transport students from the outlying portions of campus to the central portion of campus where classes and other student activities will take place. $59.00
Dining Facility Debt Service The fee is established to generate funds to retire indebtedness for the dining facility.  $56.50
Brown Hall Debt Service This fee is established to generate funds to retire indebtedness for Brown Hall.  $68.00
Campus Security Fee This fee is used to assist in campus-based and UNC system-wide safety and new security initiatives, staffing and security measures. These measures resulted from the UNC Board of Governors’ 2013-14 UNC (system-wide) Campus Security Initiative report. The structure for this fee allows $26 of the $30 collected from each student to fund campus level and shared-services activities, while $4 of the $30 is allocated by the UNC General Administration for system-wide coordination, trainings, and other shared services functions. $15.00
Health Insurance This fee pays for health insurance coverage for the semester. To waive, go to $1,293.88
TOTAL for Undergraduate Per Semester $2903.88
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