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Donor Information

Outside Scholarships are those awarded by a source other than the Office of Financial Aid, a WCU department, or a WCU affiliate. Federal law requires that you notify the Financial Aid Office of any outside financial assistance you receive. Adjustments to Western Carolina University awards will be made if necessary. Failure to notify the University of outside awards may result in loss or reduction of financial aid from Western Carolina University.

Information for Donors and Students

If you require documentation:

If an official WCU transcript or verification of enrollment is required these must be obtained by the student through the University Registrar.

If an unofficial WCU transcript or verification of enrollment is sufficient these must be obtained from the student. Students are to print information from myWCU and submit all requested information to their donors.

If the Donor has a custom verification form which must be completed by a financial aid officer: If a financial aid officer must complete your form, please either:
Send to:

Western Carolina University
Financial Aid Office/Scholarships
1 University Drive
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Or Fax to: 828.227.7042

If an invoice is required: To request an invoice from Western Carolina University please contact the Student Accounts Office at 828-227-7324 or Specify student name/ID#/amount/term of the award, name/address/phone# of the administrator and whether the award is renewable.  Request must be sent each semester and /or year for renewable awards. 

Send to: Western Carolina University

Western Carolina University
Student Accounts
132 Killian Annex
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Invoices will not be sent until after drop/add ends each semester.

Western Carolina University does not issue paper bills, if you need a copy of the actual bill, it is only available through the student’s Catamount e-mail account. The student must print and submit the bill to you. 


Make checks payable to:

Western Carolina University
University Scholarships Office
1 University Drive
Cullowhee, NC 28723

Please note that any check made co-payable to the student and WCU must be endorsed by the student at the Financial Aid Office before the funds can post to his/her account. Please notify the student if the check is co-payable.

The student’s full name and WCU ID number (if known) should be on the check.

Please enclose the Scholarship Donor Form or a letter that includes the following donor information and instructions:

  1. The term in which the funds are to be disbursed (Fall, Spring, Summer A or Summer B; split evenly fall/spring, etc.)
  2. Donor name, address, contact phone number and an e-mail address (if available) in case a refund to donor is required in the event the student withdraws before receiving the funds or does not enroll).
  3. Whether you require fulltime enrollment status (undergraduate -12 hours; graduate 9 hours) or if it is okay to pay the student with less than fulltime enrollment.
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