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Frequently Asked Questions

No, the only accepted transcript will either be an unofficial (sent by applicant) or official (sent directly from approved evaluator) foreign transcript evaluation. Please note, you are required to submit an official foreign language transcript if you are accepted into your program.

No, providing a foreign transcript evaluation is required.

Please explore the program webpage and reach out to the program director for more information on graduate assistantships.

No, this is done after you are accepted to your program.

Make sure you have the correct number of recommenders (some programs require up to 3) and that you are not missing any required application information.

The application fee for 2022 terms has been waived. Other application terms must pay their $65 application fee, which is not waived.

Helpful Links

International Applicant Page - under "Graduate" - including information on language proficiency and list of exempt countries for language proficiency.

Graduate Programs Page - includes deadlines, programs specific requirements, test score (GRE/GMAT) information, program webpage links, and program director contact information.

Graduate School Admissions FAQ Page - general FAQ for Graduate School at Western Carolina University.

Scholarships - general scholarship application for WCU. For program specific scholarship questions, please reach out to your program director. Graduate Excellence Awards are also available for select programs.

Assistantships - please see the "Graduate Assistantships" tab on this webpage for general information. To find out if there are assistantships available for your program, please contact your program director. 

Online Programs

Graduate School Catalog

Admission Requirements - including information about Foreign Transcript Evaluation, steps for admission, language proficiency exam.

Approved Foreign Transcript Evaluators

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