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Title IV Authorization Process

Western Carolina University may use your federal financial aid to pay tuition, fees, housing, and meal plans for the current academic year. Federal financial aid regulations require Western Carolina University to obtain your authorization to use federal financial aid funds to pay other education related expenses (such as, but not limited to, lab fees, health center charges, parking fines, bookstore charges, library fines and emergency loans) and to pay prior year expenses up to a maximum of $200. Once made, these authorizations remain in effect until graduation.

If you choose not to authorize payment of education related expenses, you will not be allowed to harge at the Bookstore. Also, if you choose not to authorize payment of education related expenses or prior year expenses, it is your responsibility to pay those expenses out of pocket. Failure to pay will prevent you from registering for future semesters and prevent the release of your academic transcripts. Failure to pay by the payment deadline will result in cancellation of your class schedule.

If you authorize and then later choose to rescind the authorizations, you may do so by contacting the Student Accounts Office. You can find instructions on how you may authorize payment of education related expense and prior year expenses here.

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