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Consortium Agreements

A Consortium Agreement allows a WCU student to enroll at another institution for a course/courses and to retain financial aid eligibility. To be eligible, students must be:

  • enrolled in a distance education program, specifically in Elementary Education, Emergency Medical, Birth-Kindergarten, Criminal Justice, Entrepreneurship, Engineering Technology, and in the BSE Engineering program at Biltmore Park


  • enrolled in final semester at WCU and course is required for degree completion and not offered at WCU in the term

Students must be able to provide documentation confirming eligibility, including consortium agreement completed by host school and proof of registration for courses enrolled in at host school. The resulting financial aid award will be based on the number of hours at WCU plus the approved hours on the consortium agreement. Students must receive a passing grade in consortium hours. Even though the grades are not counted towards the GPA, the hours must be used in calculating the quantitative component of the student’s Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Students can contact the WCU Financial Aid Office to request a consortium agreement.


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