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Summer 2015 Jamaica Program Closing Lunch


Welcome to your summer intensive residency program!

You will be very busy and the weeks will pass quickly.  You will arrive at the Atlanta airport and be transported to the Western Carolina Campus by bus. Dr. Oren will be in Atlanta to meet you. If you have any problems upon arriving in Atlanta, Dr. Oren can be reached at 828-507-7531.

You will receive a packet of information containing your name badge and your room key (with room number), WCU Cat Card and a flash drive. There is also information about your activities on Tuesday, July 10th. There is a lot of other information in the packet. TAKE ONLY YOUR FOLDER; DO NOT TAKE ANYONE ELSE’S FOLDER. Dr. Oren uses the folders to determine arrivals.

Please complete the Arrival Information Form so we can keep track of your flight and arrival. 

PLEASE READ:  Atlanta Airport Arrival Instructions from Tom Oren (pdf)

Your Arrival Packet

Your packet will contain:

  • Name Pouch- with jump drive, CatCard, Room Key
  • Course Schedule with Classrooms, Times and Instructor
  • Campus Map
  • Activity Schedule for activities designed specifically for you
  • Schedule of Activities for all WCU summer students
  • Sample copies of information to be copied
  • Staying on campus fact sheet

What happens your first day at Western Carolina University

7:00-8:45 a.m.
Breakfast in Courtyard Dining
9:00 a.m.
Brief Orientation with Dr. Oren in Killian Building

10:00 a.m.
Orientation in Killian Building:

  1. Complete your USA Homeland Security Requirements:  You will need to bring the following documents (see examples) with you on July 9 to Killian:
    • Passport
    • I-20 (return information)
    • Return flight information (tickets)
    • Create your I-94 form - used to exit the country
  2. Decide your T-Shirt and Cap & Gown sizes
  3. Meet the EO staff

11:00 a.m.
After you complete the Education Outreach Documentation- you can depart for lunch in the dining hall

1:00 p.m.
Shuttle will be provided to town.

Dinner will be in the dining hall.

Where you will stay  | Where will you eat  | Where you will play

Calendar of Events

Summer 2018 Calendar

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