Applicants and Newly Admitted Students

Admissions Process

Admission to a Distance Learning program is a two-stage process. After you are admitted to the University your application information and transcripts will be reviewed by the program. Distance Learning programs have a variety of deadlines, but most program admission decisions are made between April-June for the fall term and October-November for the spring term. To learn more about when a specific program will be making stage two admission decisions please visit the program page or contact us at or 1-866-928-4723.

Checking the status of your University Application (Stage One)

Shortly after you submit your application, you will receive acknowledgement that the Office of Admission has received it. Your acknowledgement letter will provide you with your personal identification number often referred to as your 92#.

The Catamount Gateway becomes your source of information regarding your application for admission. Once you have made application and received your 9-2 number, you can go to to verify the accuracy of your information, check the status of records ("requirement met" means that the specified documentation has been received as opposed to meaning that the information meets admission criteria), track the date that your information was received by the Office of Admission, monitor your application decision status, and view financial aid information.

Program (Stage Two Decisions)

All students will receive either written or electronic correspondence of their stage-two program admission decision. Fall applicants are typically notified between April-June and spring applicants are typically notified between October-November. All correspondence will be sent to the physical address or email address provided on the distance learning application. You may make changes to your contact information by contacting the Office of Admission at or 1-877-WCU-4YOU.

Students who are not accepted to a distance learning program will receive either written or electronic correspondence of their stage-two program admission decision. If the program has reached capacity and the applicant meets admission requirements they will be offered a "Change of Term" that will allow their university application to remain active for the next available term. If the applicant does not meet program admission requirements they will be encouraged to take additional classes at their local Community College prior to re-applying to the program.

Under certain circumstances applicants can take liberal studies classes as an undeclared student pending admission to a distance learning program.

Accepted to a Distance Program (Stage Two)

Once you receive your program acceptance information be sure to carefully review your admission letter and all included information. You will be asked to complete and return the enclosed intent to enroll form. Many programs allow a very brief amount of time to return the intent to enroll form, please be sure that you are meet the required deadline. Intent to enroll forms should be returned immediately to the Division of Educational Outreach/Distance Learning ( or 1-828-227-7115 fax or 138 Camp Building, Cullowhee, NC 28723).

***Many programs require that the form is returned by a specific date, please be sure that you meet required deadlines or your offer to the program may be withdrawn***

By signing the document, you agree to successfully complete any outstanding/pending or conditional requirements as communicated by the Office of Admission and understand that final admission to the university and your ability to register for classes may be contingent upon successful completion of these requirements.

After the form has been received and processed, the Division of Educational Outreach/Distance Learning will send you a confirmation email with additional information regarding the upcoming semester. New students should familiarize themselves with the with the information on the New/Current Student Resources page for information on academic policies, advising, course selection, books, financial aid and registration.






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