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FAQ for Faculty & Staff about Student Community Ethics

What do I do if I believe someone has committed a violation of the Academic Integrity policy?   [return to top]

Always contact the Department of Student Community Ethics (DSCE) first to determine if this is the student's first academic offense. If so, use the "Report an Academic Integrity Violation" form on the DSCE's academic integrity policy and reporting process webpage ( to guide you and your department head through the process. If not a first offense, inform your department head of the issues and forward all supporting documentation (including an Academic Integrity Violation form) to the DSCE.

Should I notify the student of the allegations?   [return to top]

Yes. The faculty member should inform the student orally and in writing of the allegation and the proposed sanction(s). The process can be found in the Academic Integrity policy.

Do I have to turn in all possible violations of the Academic Integrity policy?   [return to top]

You are not required to report academic integrity violations to the DSCE.  However, the DSCE only keeps records which have been reported.  If faculty do not report academic integrity violations to the DSCE, a student could have multiple academic integrity issues and may not be formally held accountable for their actions.

If I turn in a student for an academic integrity policy violation, am I ruining the student's academic future?   [return to top] 

Students who are found responsible for a first offense of academic integrity policy violation may face a range of educational sanctions.  The DSCE maintains the student's record for eight years after the case is resolved.  If the student is ever suspended/expelled by the DSCE, the student's record will be maintained permanently.

If the student I've turned in for an academic integrity violation requests a hearing, do I have to be there?   [return to top]

The DSCE would prefer both the faculty member and student attend the hearing. During an Academic Integrity hearing there is a board, made up of 3 faculty members and 2 students. Their job is to decide 1) if the student is responsible, and 2) if they are what the appropriate sanctions would be.  The faculty member may bring an advisor which is typically your department head.


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