CULLOWHEE – Storm-weary residents of Western North Carolina got a chance to kick up their heels and celebrate mountain heritage as a crowd estimated at 31,500 gathered on the campus of Western Carolina University for the 30 th annual Mountain Heritage Day on Saturday, Sept. 25.

Morning fog over the festival site quickly gave way to bright sunshine – good news for WNC residents who have been hit hard recently by the remnants of hurricanes Frances and Ivan.

Many festival attendees chose to participate in a variety of Mountain Heritage Day contests. Results are:


Best of show: 1956 Ford convertible owned by A.J. and Betty Brown of Waynesville.


Baked goods - Quick breads: Grand champion and first place, Jack Liddle of Sylva, pumpkin muffins; third place, Iris Land of Whittier, cornbread. Yeast breads: First place, Iris Land, yeast bread. Cookies: Second place, Addison and Eli Costa of Cullowhee, molasses cookies; third place, Cullowhee Kids Preschool, quilt block cookies. Cakes: Second place, Iris Land, chocolate cake; third place, Iris Land, pound cake; third place, Hannah Liddle of Sylva, cheese cake. Pies: Third place, Emily Starnes of Sylva, fried apple pie pasta.

Canned goods – Pickles and relishes: First place, Iris Land, hot pepper in vinegar (sliced); first place, Marilynn Sproull of Sylva, dilly beans; second place, Iris Land, cucumber pickles (sliced sweet); second place, Iris Land, cucumber pickles (sliced sour); second place, Iris Land, hot peppers in vinegar (whole); third place, Norma Medford of Sylva, pepper relish. Sauces and catsup: Second place, Marilynn Sproull, spaghetti sauce. Jelly: First place, Jackie Hooper of Cullowhee, elderberry jelly; second place, Jackie Hooper, concord grape jelly. Jams, conserves, marmalades and butters: Grand champion and first place, Linda Hardy of Sylva, peach marmalade; first place, Jackie Hooper, apple butter; first place, Linda Hardy, strawberry jam. Vegetables: First place, Iris Land, whole kernel corn; first place, Iris Land, collards; second place, Eula Mae Kilby of Cullowhee, canned tomatoes; second place, Marilyn Sproull, vegetable soup; second place, Marilynn Sproull, green beans; honorable mention, Iris Land, green beans. Preserves: First place, Jackie Hooper, tomato preserves.

Heritage Foods Conservation (dried) – Grand champion and first place, Jackie Hooper, dehydrated apples.


0 to 2.9 cubic inches, Homeowner: 1. Keith Hagan of Franklin , 2. Russell Messer of Tuckasegee, 3. Mike Pressley of Dillsboro.

3.0 to 3.4 cubic inches, Homeowner: 1. Norman Parris of Sylva, 2. Mike Pressley, 3. Darin Brooks of Whittier.

Class A (3.5 to 3.9 cubic inches), Box: 1. Mike Pressley, 2. Russell Messer, 3. Niles Roberts of Canton.

Class B (4.0 to 4.4 cubic inches), Box: 1. Michael “Ryan” Brooks of Whittier, 2. Norman Parris, 3. Niles Roberts.

Class C (4.5 to 5.2 cubic inches), Box: 1. Norman Parris, 2. Darin Brooks, 3. Niles Roberts.

Class D (5.3 to 5.9 cubic inches), Box: 1. Niles Roberts, 2. Russell Messer. 3. Mike Pressley.

Class E (6.0 cubic inches and up), Box: 1. Keith Hagan, 2. Niles Roberts.

Class D (3.0 to 3.9 cubic inches), Modified: 1. Niles Roberts.

Class C (4.0 to 4.9 cubic inches), Modified: 1. Michael “Ryan” Brooks , 2. Norman Parris, 3. Niles Roberts.

Class B (5.0 to 5.9 cubic), Modified: 1. Darin Brooks, 2. Norman Parris, 3. Niles Roberts.

Class D (3.0 to 3.9 cubic inches), Modified: 1. Benny Whitfield of Kernersville.

Class C (4.0 to 4.9 cubic inches), Modified: 1. Benny Whitfield, 2. Norman Parris.

Class B (5.0 to 5.9 cubic inches), Modified: 1. Benny Whitfield.

Class A (6.0 cubic inches and up), Modified: 1. Benny Whitfield, 2. Darin Brooks.

Hot Saw: 1. Benny Whitfield.


Children's grand champion: Kaitlyn Karcher of Webster.

Ladies grand champion: Serena Herter of Cullowhee.

Men's grand champion: Don Wood of Cullowhee.


Grand Champion: Mike McFalls of Cullowhee; first place, (tie) Kenneth Smith of Waynesville and Mike McFalls.


Overall male winners: First, Kermit Davis, 19:45; second, Will Cowan, 20:01; third, Ty Jones, 20:48.

Overall female winners: First, Tricia Shepard, 21:52; second, Karen Walter, 23:10; third, Christal Kirkpatrick, 24:14.

Male age group winners: 18 to 25 – First, Will Cowan, 20:01; second, Ty Jones, 20:48. 26 to 39 – First, Kermit Davis, 19:45; second, Chris Morgan, 23:01; third, Kevin Walter, 26:59. 40 to 49 – First, Ron Lugbill, 22:27; second, Larry Selby, 22:42; third, Ron McDaniel, 24:01. 60 to 69 – First, Jim Palmer, 25:59; second, Gene McDowell, 31:05.

Female age group winners: 13 to 17 – First, Katie Hayes, 25:36. 18 to 25 – First, Tricia Shepard, 21:52; second, Christal Kirkpatrick, 24:14; third, Bobbi Brooks, 25:31. 26 to 39 – First, Karen Walter, 23:10; second, Karina Sanden, 26:41; third, Phyllis Guedry, 28:48. 40 to 49 – First, Sandy Davis, 26:29; second, Dixie McGinty, 31:05; third, Dana Edge, 32:05. 50 to 59 – First, Mary Jean Herzog, 31:04; second, Hiddy Morgan, 32:00. 60 to 69 – First, Mary Kay Lenzo, 42:16.

Run Run (1 mile): Male – First, (tie) Jacob Hammer and Stanley Hammer, 8:28; second, Taylor Ayers, 9:33. Female – First, Tara Simmons, 8:46; second, Madison Ayers, 9:59; third, Anna Lugbill, 10:29.


Men's singles: First, Ryan Dills of Sylva; second, Jim Manring of Balsam; third, (tie) Landon Slate of Walnut Cave and Jason Harbour of Cullowhee.

Men's doubles: First, Jim Houslin and Ned Auyton of Sylva; second, Ryan Dills and Landon Slate; third, Chris Ray and Dale Mathis of Cullowhee.

Women's singles: First, Phyllis Guedry of Thibodoux, La.; second Debbie Hensley of Cullowhee; third, Candace Boan of Sylva.

Women's doubles: First, Phyllis Guedry and Debbie Hensley; second, Laura Edgerton and Jason Harbour; third, Stefanie Needham and Emily Winfrey.

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