Partner Up for Those in Need

CULLOWHEE - How do you raise $32,500?  One dollar and one employee at a time, if you're heading up Western's Combined Campaign.  With a week left to go in this year's annual fund drive, the goal is still a long way off, according to Todd Murdock, Talent Search director and chair of the State Employees Combined Campaign on campus. 

People aren't giving at the levels they did last year, Murdock says.  That may be because local hurricane relief efforts siphoned off donations, and people don't realize they can contribute to those efforts through the Combined Campaign.  Those relief agencies and many more charitable organizations are listed on the Web at http://www.ncsecc.org

They're also listed in the 80-page “Partner Up!” handbook, but not everyone got a handbook with a pledge form this year.  Instead, employees got a new flyer with directions to www.ncsecc.org for details.  “Western is saving money by sending only a few handbooks to each department,” Murdock says. “That helps keep administrative costs down so that nearly every penny of each donation goes to the charity of your choice.”   Western is piloting the effort to reduce campaign costs this way.  It would be ironic if that also contributes to a decline in donations, he said. 

The State Employees Combined Campaign ends this year on Oct. 31.

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