Image: Donald Connelly in the studio
Donald Connelly in the studio.

CULLOWHEE – A new book by the director of the electronic media program at Western Carolina University provides an insider's view of the radio industry and offers students comprehensive, hands-on training in radio production through text and interactive CDs.

 “Digital Radio Production” by Donald Connelly, assistant professor of communication, theatre and dance at Western, covers several aspects of radio production, including radio stations as businesses, basic concepts in digital recording, interfacing radio with the Internet, producing, announcing, and preparing a resume and audition CD.

“Although the production person's job is to produce commercial and programming elements, radio broadcasting today demands a broad knowledge of sales, promotions, programming and other key areas of the station from every employee,” said Connelly.

The book also discusses the newest technologies in radio, including high-definition radio production, producing and mixing in 5.1 surround sound and digital satellite radio services.

“This is an outstanding text, a wonderful piece of work. I truly believe it has the potential to be the radio production text for the next several years; the book against which all others will be measured,” said David Sabiani of Indiana State University.

Included with the book are CDs that feature unedited recordings, demonstrations and production music that are to be used along with exercises presented throughout the book.

“Students are treated to a raw multitrack recording session in which they can edit, mix and master more than 100 new musical selections,” said Connelly. “Additionally, there are more than 200 music loops for students to compose their own production music with on the music CD. Beginners to masters will find something on the music CD that excites their creativity.”

Also included in the book is a trial version of “Adobe Audition” audio editing software, which students can install on their own personal computers.

“Adobe Audition is one of the de facto standards of radio production adopted by some of the largest broadcast companies,” said Connelly, who has more than 20 years of experience in the radio industry. “Students get to work with this incredibly powerful audio editing software and create projects outside of class.”

Connelly began his radio career as an undergraduate with a morning radio show and won production awards from the Missouri Broadcasters Association while he was still attending college. Upon graduation, he began teaching and managing a radio station. Connelly spent 18 years managing and developing radio stations in Florida, and was affiliate relations director for Florida's Radio Network.

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