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Western Carolina University 's OneStop Student Service Center will celebrate a heartfelt anniversary on Tuesday, Feb. 14 – Valentine's Day – with a 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. open house marking the center's first year of doing business on campus.

Located on the first floor of Killian Annex, OneStop offers the services of numerous campus offices in one location, including the Financial Aid, Registrar's, Student Accounts, Advising Center, and One Card offices. “Prior to the OneStop, students would have to hike all over campus to get their business taken care of. Now, with all these services being handled in one place, it has made life much easier for students,” said Mike Razdrh, OneStop associate director.

The center began operation with two full-time employees and an associate director, and work-study students taking almost all the incoming calls and transferring them to the appropriate person. The Advising Center, a major contributor of human-power for OneStop, had recently hired new employees with limited knowledge about operations, Razdrh said.

“It required training and coordination with all the included offices to try and put out a product that would be appreciated and useful. That product was quality customer service,” he said.

The first day of business, the center had 82 student visits and handled 136 calls. Now, OneStop has five full-time employees, the Advising Center has grown to accommodate demand, offices are more familiar with the operations, and the integration of information and cooperation has produced a more efficient service for students, Razdrh said.

To date, the center has handled more than 43,000 student visits and 44,000 calls, averaging more than 175 walk-ins and calls each day. With university enrollment expected to continue rising, those numbers also will increase, he said.

The OneStop staff plans to continue making improvements in customer service, Razdrh said. “One thing is for sure. The improvements thus far that have occurred for students due to the OneStop are valued, and due to the dedication and hard work of all the players, the OneStop will continue to enhance the quality of students' lives for years to come,” he said.

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