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Members of the Western Carolina University community are being asked to consider giving to their favorite charities through the annual North Carolina State Employees Combined Campaign, which is now under way.

The State Employees Combined Campaign provides all state employees, including employees of Western Carolina University, opportunities to support charitable causes and to help those in need.

The annual fundraising effort at Western, which continues through Tuesday, Oct. 31, provides an opportunity for all employees to assist nearly 1,000 charitable organizations that provide valuable community services.  This campaign is the only officially sanctioned fund drive conducted on the WCU campus.

In the 20-year history of the campaign, state employees across North Carolina's 100 counties have donated close to $60 million to charitable organizations.  Last year, WCU faculty and staff, retirees and students contributed $39,757, the largest amount ever raised on the Western campus and an amount far above the year's goal of $37,000.  This year's goal for the WCU campus is $38,000.

“The contributions to your favorite charities given as part of this campaign are significant and do make a difference in the lives of those in need,” said Robert Orr, Western's associate chief information officer and 2006 WCU campaign chairperson.  “In the past, Western colleagues have supported health research, protected the environment, provided care for abandoned animals, funded scholarships, supported the arts and assisted those needing a helping hand here in our local communities.”

Contributions by permanent employees can be made by payroll deduction, and all employees, retirees and students may contribute by check or cash.  All contributions are tax deductible.

“Western's contribution to the State Employees Combined Campaign is yet another example of the compassion and generosity that characterizes Western employees and retirees,” said Orr.

For more information, contact Robert Orr by phone at (828) 227-7282 or by email at orr@email.wcu.edu .

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