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Western Carolina University's Mountain Heritage Day, held Sept. 30 on the campus in Cullowhee, gave local residents a chance to show off their foot speed, chain saw prowess and other skills in a variety of just-for-fun contests.

Contests results are


Best of show: 1959 Chevrolet Impala convertible owned by Glen Pope of Newton.



ADULT GRAND CHAMPION: Suzanne Tompkins, Cullowhee, bread and butter pickles.

Fruits: Apples – Barbara Aldridge, Robbinsville, second; Karen White, Cullowhee, third. Applesauce – Judy Hale, Cullowhee, first; Iris Land, Whittier, second; Harriet Parker, Cullowhee, third. Blueberries – Iris Land, first. Cherries – Iris Land, first. Peaches – Linda Kinnear, Cullowhee, first. Pears – Iris Land, first.

Vegetables: Green beans – Harriet Parker, first; Linda Kinnear, second; Karen White, third. Corn – Iris Land, first. Soup Mixture – Barbara Aldridge, first; Judy Hale, second. Tomatoes – Judy Hale, first; Iris Land, third. Tomatoes (whole) – Marilyn Sproull, Sylva, first. Other vegetables – Iris Land, first (collard greens.)

Preserves: Peach preserves – Fred Ray Stuever, Dillsboro, first. Pear preserves – Marilyn Sproull, second. Other preserves – Fred Ray Stuever, first (apricot.)

Jams, conserves, marmalades and butters: Apple butter – Suzanne Tompkins, third. Peach butter – Sheila Rodgers, Cullowhee, first. Pear jam – Judy Hale, first. Blackberry jam – Karen White, first; Molly Shaw, Bryson City, second; Marilyn Sproull, third. Blueberry jam – Theresa Holland, Otto, second. Grape jam – Molly Shaw, second. Peach jam – Theresa Holland, first; Molly Shaw, second. Raspberry jam – Marilyn Sproull, first. Strawberry jam – Theresa Holland, second. Other jams – Molly Shaw, first (peach and mango); Judy Hale, second (red hot apple jam.)

Jelly from home-prepared juice: Apple jelly – Judy Hale, first. Blackberry jelly – Judy Hale, first; Fred Ray Stuever, second. Grape jelly – Barbara Chapman , Franklin, first; Dot Conner, Sylva, second; Debbie Jeffries, Sylva, third. Raspberry jelly – Judy Hale, first; Marilyn Sproull, second. Other jelly – Iris Land, first.

Juices and syrups: Tomato juice – Marilyn Sproull, first; Harriet Parker, third.

Pickles and Relishes: Bread and butter pickles – Suzanne Tompkins, first. Sliced sweet pickles – Iris Land, first. Dilly beans – Linda Wittekind, Cullowhee, first. Pickled beets – Judy Hale, first. Pickled okra – Linda Kinnear, first. Corn relish – Iris Land, first. Pepper relish – Judy Hale, first. Fruit chutney – Nancy Liddle, Sylva, first.

Sauces and catsup: Chili sauce – Iris Land, first. Salsa – Judy Hale, first; Harriet Parker, second.


GRAND CHAMPION: Merle Aldridge, Robbinsville, pickled beans.

Canned: Pickled beans – Merle Aldridge, first. Sauerkraut – Merle Aldridge, first.

Dried: Beans, leather breeches – Harriet Parker, first. Apples – Harriet Parker, first.


YOUTH GRAND CHAMPION: Andrew Beck, Franklin, pickled beets.

Pickles and relishes: pickled beets – Andrew Beck, first.

Jam: Raspberry jam – “Little Strokes of Genius” Appalachian Homestead Summer Camp Girls Ages 7-14, second; “Little Strokes of Genius” Appalachian Homestead Summer Camp Boys Ages 7-12, third.


ADULT GRAND CHAMPION: Iris Land, peach cobbler.

Quick breads: Theresa Holland, first, buttermilk biscuits; Nancy Liddle, second, banana nut bread; Iris Land, third, cornbread.

Cookies: Barbara Starnes, Cullowhee, first, grandma's chocolate chip; Theresa Holland, second, peanut butter; Bennedene Walton, Cullowhee, third, kid's country oatmeal.

Cakes: Iris Land, first, angel pound cake; Tammy Crawford, Cullowhee, second, fresh apple pound cake; Theresa Holland, third, caramel nut cake.

Pies: Iris Land, first, peach cobbler; Suzanne Tompkins, second, apple crisp.


YOUTH GRAND CHAMPION: Ashley Billon, Sylva, banana nut bread.

Quick breads: Ashley Billon, first, banana nut bread; Addison and Eli Costa, Cullowhee, second, October spice; Emily Starnes, Cullowhee, third, pumpkin.

Cookies: Ashley Billon, first, deluxe oatmeal chocolate chip.

Cakes: Emily Starnes, first, pound cake.


Nathan Starnes, Cullowhee, first, monster oatmeal cookies; Haley Creasman, Sylva, second, oatmeal cookies; Addison and Eli Costa, third, yummy oatmeal cookies.


Theresa Holland, first, apple crumb nut pie.


Men's crosscut: Josh Roten and James Bently, first; Jimmy Lawrence and Jordan Lawrence, second; Christopher Houston and Josh Roten, third.

Women's crosscut: Heather Johanson and Brooke Banks, first; Erin Bellavia and Heather Johanson, second.

Underhand woodcutting with an ax: Jordan Lawrence, first; Jimmy Lawrence, second; Brooke Banks, third.


0 to 2.9 cubic inches, Homeowner: 1. Russell Messer of Tuckasegee, 2. Darren Pressley of Sylva, 3. Michael Pressley of Dillsboro.

3.0 to 3.4 cubic inches, Homeowner: 1. Norman Parris of Sylva, 2. Daniel Manring of Sylva, 3. Michael Pressley.

Class A (3.5 to 3.9 cubic inches), Box: 1. Norman Parris, 2. Michael Pressley, 3. Paul Witty of Franklin.

Class B (4.0 to 4.4 cubic inches), Box: 1. Darren Pressley, 2. Norman Parris, 3. Russell Messer of Tuckasegee.

Class C (4.5 to 5.2 cubic inches), Box: 1. Niles Roberts of Canton, 2. Norman Parris, 3. Brandon Pressley of Sylva.

Class D (5.3 to 5.9 cubic inches), Box: 1. Niles Roberts, 2. Russell Messer. 3. Darren Pressley.

Class E (6.0 cubic inches and up), Box: 1. Daniel Manring, 2. Jordan Lawrence of Waynesville.

Class D (3.0 to 3.9 cubic inches), Modified (racing fuel): 1. Niles Roberts.

Class C (4.0 to 4.9 cubic inches), Modified (racing fuel): 1. Niles Roberts, 2. Norman Parris.

Class B (5.0 to 5.9 cubic inches), Modified (racing fuel): 1. Norman Parris, 2. Niles Roberts.

Class A (6.0 and up cubic inches), Modified (racing fuel): 1. Jordan Lawrence, 2. Lloyd Hennessee of Rock Island, Tenn.

Class D (3.0 to 3.9 cubic inches), Modified (nitro/alcohol): 1. Lloyd Hennessee.

Class C (4.0 to 4.9 cubic inches), Modified (nitro/alcohol): 1. Lloyd Hennessee.

Class B (5.0 to 5.9 cubic inches), Modified (nitro/alcohol): 1. Lloyd Hennessee, 2. Norman Parris, 3. Paul Witty.

Class A (6.0 and up cubic inches), Modified (nitro/alcohol): 1. Lloyd Hennessee.


Children's grand champion: Abigail Fox of Cullowhee. First place: Rebecca Fox of Cullowhee, Emma Fox of Cullowhee, Maya Llewllyn of Charlotte and Steven Love of Greensboro.

Ladies – First place: Serena Herter of Cullowhee and Judy Sipes of Wayesville.

Men – First place: Don Wood of Cullowhee, Bill Sipes of Waynesville and Charles Coburn of Franklin.


First place: Kenneth Smith of Waynesville and Paul King of Chapin, S.C.


Overall male winner: Todd Davidson, 17:49; overall female winner: Baldwin Sanders, 23.37.

Male age group winners: 12 and under – First, Shawn Marcie, 23.29; second, Connor Davis, 32:20. 13 to 17 – First, Eric Hill, 19:34; second, Trey Franks, 21:56. 18 to 25 – First, Todd Davidson, 17:49; second, Chris Love, 23:18. 26 to 39 – First, Grayson Palmer, 20:38; second, Chad Hallyburton, 21:00. 40 to 49 – First, David Butcher, 20:34; second, Eric Morrison, 22:03. 50 to 59 – First, David Claxton, 20:37; second, Dale Brotherton, 22:32. 60 to 69 – First, Roy Osborn, 26:09; second, Tyler Blethen, 26:48. 70 and over – First, Ro Soucy, 26:56; second, Jim Hamilton, 31:16.

Female age group winners: 12 and under – First, Courtney Lamoureux, 28:00. 13 to 17 – First, Emily Butcher, 31:44; second, Katlyn Stein, 31:45. 18 to 25 – First, Alissa Short, 24:13; second, Jamie Tidmore, 26:55. 26 to 39 – First, Kim Cherry, 28:26; second, Robin Wolfe, 28:56. 40 to 49 – First, Teresa Hembree, 26:41; second, Donna Cope, 27:06. 50 to 59 – First, Baldwin Sanders, 23:37; second, Mary Jean Herzog, 29:17. 60 to 69 – First, Hiddy Morgan, 30:17; second, Bobbie Seiler, 30:26. 70 and over – First, Peggy Spilker, 37:54.


Men's singles: First, David McMahan of Sylva; second, Eddie Lossiah of Cherokee.

Doubles: First, Mike Leis and Dewey Ridley, both of Sylva; second, Slick Smith and Hobie Lossiah, both of Cherokee.

Women's singles: First, Sonya Lossiah of Cherokee; second, Theresa Spagmolo of Cullowhee.

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