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Image: Cover illustration of Cold Mountain, Charles Frazier's award-winning novel.   Image: Cover illustration of Frazier's Thirteen Moons
Cover illustrations of Charles Frazier's
novels "Cold Mountain" and "Thirteen Moons."

In the author's note of “Thirteen Moons,” award-winning writer Charles Frazier thanks several people for helping him conduct research for the book including George Frizzell, head of special collections at Western Carolina University's Hunter Library. Frazier also expressed appreciation for the library at WCU itself.

“I hope none of them will be too bothered by the liberties and detours I've taken with the facts they aimed me so directly toward,” said Frazier in the book, which was released this week.

The novel traces the life of an orphan boy whose experiences include running a remote Indian trading post and finding a family among the Cherokee. “Thirteen Moons” won praise in reviews in publications such as USA Today and Newsweek, and sales of the book placed it among Amazon.com's top five sellers the day after its release.

Brian Railsback, dean of the WCU Honors College, said he was able to read an advance copy that Frazier's wife Katherine sent to him. “It is an incredibly researched, poetic portrait of life in our mountains during the most tumultuous period for the Cherokee people,” said Railsback. “I believe this novel will prove to be very important for our region and Cherokee in particular.  It's a literary epic, and a magnificent read.”

Frazier's first book, “Cold Mountain,” spent a combined 94 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list in hardcover and paperback versions, and was adapted into a movie. The book also won the 1997 National Book Award for Fiction.

The author's ties to Western include family ties, too. His father, Charles O. Frazier, earned his bachelor's degree in business education from Western in 1947 and later an education specialist degree. To honor him, Frazier and his wife established through their Cold Mountain Foundation the Charles O. Frazier Endowed Scholarship Fund that helps students from Macon County attend WCU.

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