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General Advice for Parents and Families

Whether you live in another state or around the corner, sending your student to college is never easy. While you can’t go to college with your student, you can stay informed, be supportive, and know that WCU provides the resources necessary to support successful student development. 

Students are Legally Adults – They may always be your baby, but when 18-year-olds arrive at WCU, they are legally adults.  We expect them to take basic responsibility for their education.  If they have a question or a problem, it is the student’s responsibility to seek assistance.  It is not the parent’s responsibility to call advisors, faculty or other university staff in order to try and help their student.  As parents are more likely to ride to the ‘rescue’ of their student, students are increasingly missing out on important learning opportunities.  Before stepping into a situation, consider whether your student could benefit from solving the problem on her/his own.

FERPA - The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is legislation that provides privacy protection for students’ academic record information.  A student’s information may only be accessed by professionals with a “need to know” and anyone that a student grants permission to.  This means that your child will need to specifically grant you permission to access her/his grades and other university records.

Class Attendance – While each professor may have a different attendance policy, students are expected to attend class.   When they choose not to attend class, students miss out on changes in assignment due dates, reading assignments, class discussions and so much more.  Skipping class is the first step down a slippery slope to poor academic performance and possible suspension.

Resources Specifically for Parents and Families:


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