Visitor Policies
Visitor Tips

- Children under twelve (12) years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

- Stay at least an arm's length away from the works of art and do not touch display cases, museum walls or works of art on display.

- Please do not lean on display cases with notebooks or laptops.

- Use of cell phones and personal electronics, such as an iPod, etc. are not allowed in the Museum.

- Flash photography is not permitted in the Museum.

- Shoes and shirt required at all times in the Museum.

Travel Light

- Do not bring drinks, coffee mugs, or food into the Museum.

- Do not bring backpacks, portfolios, or instrument cases into the Museum. 


Still photography is permitted for private, noncommercial use only in the Museum's galleries devoted to the permanent collection. Photographs cannot be published, sold, reproduced, transferred, distributed, or otherwise commercially exploited in any mannerwhatsoever. Photography is not permitted in special exhibitions or areas designated as "No Photography"; works of art on loan from private collections or other institutions may not be photographed.


Sketching, in pencil only, is permitted in all the galleries of the WCU Fine Art Museum. The use of ballpoint pens, ink, markers, fountain pens, or watercolors is not permitted at any time. While sketching, please do not hinder visitor traffic flow in the galleries. Please do not lean on walls or display cases while sketching.

Lost & Found

If you have left something behind at the FAM, call the Lost and Found office at 828-227-2479.

First Aid

Inform the representative at the FAM front desk if you require first aid in the galleries.