Hunter Library Precision Book Truck Drill Team

2004 HL PBTDT Team - WINNERS of the Non-Float Division!!!!

Captains: Elizabeth Vihnanek, Krista Schmidt

Coxswain: Robin Hitch

Truckers: Elizabeth Vihnanek, Krista Schmidt, Nancy Kolenbrander, Jill Ellern, Heidi Buchanan, Tim Carstens

Walkers: Pam Taylor, Ruby Banerjee, Sharon McLaurin, Eva Cook

Book Fairies: Kitty Taylor, Melissa Young

Banner Carriers: Ann Hallyburton, Becky Kornegay

Candy Throwers: Shirley Beck, Mary Hill

Thanks to Bil Stahl, Onna Bouder, the many folks from Hunter Library that donated candy, and the wonderful friends and family that supported us all.

Videos (download Quicktime): Practice, Waiting, Parade


Other Book Truck Drill Info

The Library Book Cart Precision Drill Team Manual


2003 - The First Annual Appearance of the HL PBTDT (click here for pictures and video!)

2003 HL PBTDT Team

Book truck major: Robin Hitch
Book trucker pushers:
Becky Kornegay, Heidi Buchanan, Nancy Kolenbrander, Nancy Newsome, Jill Ellern, Elizabeth Vihannek
Banner carriers: Tim Carstens, Sharon McLaurin
Wagon puller: Shirley Beck
Candy and bookmark tosser: Mary Hill

Other Very Important People:

Krista Schmidt (choreographer, video recorder and replacement pusher during practice and general book truck goddess)
Bil Stahl (had the idea, supported the effort and bought the pizza)
Many folks from Hunter Library that donated candy
Janet Sanders (drove the van to the waiting area)
George Frizzell and Jason Brady (music men)
Onna Bouder (video recorder during the parade)

©2004 Hunter Library Precision Book Truck Drill Team