Assessment: Faculty Evaluation of Information Literacy Instruction at Hunter Library

The feedback you provide will help me improve my library instruction sessions. 

Aggregate data from this evaluation may be used for further studies, publications, and/or research. No personal information will be disclosed.

Name of librarian: _______________________________    Date: ____________________ 
Course: __________________      Semester: _______________________
Your name: ______________________________________________

Please answer both pages:


Strongly agree



Strongly Disagree

Not Applicable

1. The library instruction session was relevant to my course and my assignment






2. The librarian was well prepared






3. The examples used were clear, relevant, and interesting






4. The handouts (if applicable) were clear and easy to understand






5. I would recommend library instruction to my colleagues






 6. If student work was improved by the session, in what ways it improved?




7. How did you base your judgment?



8. What was missing that could have helped students improve their work?







Survey adapted, with permission, from Cheryl Stiles’ Faculty Evaluation of Library Instruction, Kennesaw State University

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