Hunter Library Strategic Plan
Mission Statement, Strategic Directions and Values

Mission Statement

In support of Western Carolina University’s educational mission, Hunter Library provides intellectual content, and services related to its discovery and use, for the learning, teaching, and research activities of the University’s students, faculty, and staff. By supporting the acquisition of learning and the production of knowledge and scholarship, Hunter Library intends to inspire the individual and the intellect, fostering professional, personal and social growth.

Strategic Directions


Provide high quality learning and information services for the discovery and effective use of intellectual content.

Goal 1: Make discovery and delivery of information resources seamless for students, faculty, and staff.
Goal 2: Continue inter-organizational collaboration that enhances information services. (RIS, Access Services, Special Collections)
Goal 3: Increase outreach opportunities, including support for distance learners, alumni and the community (RIS, DATS, Special Collections)
Goal 4: Identify patron needs proactively and explore ways to integrate library services into the lifeblood of the university (RIS, DATS, COM, Special Collections)
Goal 5: Explore and evaluate the positive and negative implications of merging, reconfiguring and/or creating alternative staffing models for public service points (RIS, Access Services)


Develop relevant collections, balanced across all appropriate information formats, by identifying, acquiring, organizing, creating, and managing the intellectual content needed to support teaching, research, lifelong learning and service.

Goal 1: Investigate and implement new discovery systems/techniques to replace and/or improve our current tools. (COM, DATS, RIS)
Goal 2: Create and implement a sustainability plan for digital collections, including long-term preservation strategies (COM, Special Collections, DATS)
Goal 3: Increase support, accessibility, and digitization of regional and unique materials, to include resources about the western North Carolina/Southern Appalachian region (DATS, COM, Special Collections)
Goal 4: Implement an approval plan. (COM, RIS)
Goal 5: Provide mechanisms for making student and faculty scholarship more accessible (COM, DATS)
Goal 6: Examine the cost/benefit equation of participation in the Western North Carolina Library Network. (COM, DATS, RIS, Office of the Dean)
Goal 7: Assess the relevance, balance and structure of all collections based on the University’s program priorities (RIS, COM, DATS, Special Collections)


Provide the information technology infrastructure required to make the identification, acquisition, organization, teaching, access, creation, and delivery of intellectual content convenient, timely, and effective.

Goal 1: Investigate and implement a plan for library staff technology needs (DATS)
Goal 2: Investigate and implement a user-centered plan for public technology needs within the library. (DATS, RIS)
Goal 3: Identify and work to meet the library’s program related technology needs (DATS)
Goal 4: Create and implement a plan for testing and deploying emerging technologies that enhance the mission of the library. (RIS, DATS)
Goal 5: Develop a mobile presence for the library (DATS, RIS)


Create physical and virtual spaces and environments that encourage and effectively support all forms of access, learning, discovery, exchange, design, and instruction.

Goal 1: Make physical spaces conducive to learning and working. (RIS, Access Services, Special Collections)
Goal 2: Design and maintain user-centered virtual spaces. (DATS, RIS)


Provide an administrative structure and system that is effectively aligned with the library’s strategic vision and mission and that fosters a diverse, well qualified and well supported staff.

Goal 1: Recruit, develop and retain staff committed to the library’s exemplary service culture and philosophy. (Office of the Dean)
Goal 2: Refine & improve the library’s internal & external communications. (Office of the Dean)
Goal 3: Empower SPA to provide input and communication into the policies and procedures of the library. (Office of the Dean)
Goal 4: Promote a culture that embraces intentional and effective change. (Office of the Dean)
Goal 5: Create an organizational environment that encourages innovation without fear of failure.

Hunter Library Values

Personal accountability
Service excellence
Leadership that is direct
Leadership that is open to influence
Respect: others, yourself, the place
Foster an atmosphere of collegiality, professionalism, and dialog
Willingness to acknowledge our own contributions to problems
Commitment to the success of others
Intellectual freedom
Right of access to information
Safety and security
Financial stewardship
Openness to new ideas
Lifelong learning