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Kephart Album pages 2 and 3.

Page 2

Two images clipped from Senate Document Number 84.

Upper Image: Plate 2, "Relief Map of the United States"

Lower Image: Plate 14, "Mixed Hard-wood and Pine Forest on Oconalufty River, Swain County, N.C."

Page 3 - Tuckaseegee River

Upper left photograph: "Widow Davis"

Upper right photograph: "'Big Laura' Davis spinning - the Widow weaving."

Middle left photograph: "Same"

Middle right photograph: "Dave Brown's House"

Lower left photograph: "G. W. Baumgardner"

Lower right photograph: "Mrs. Alma Brown and Homer"

Notes: Captions on page 3 have been erased and rewritten. The original captions did have numbers. Please see explanation in About the Virtual Album.

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