Weaving Pattern:
Table and Diamond Shapes

Table and Diamond Shapes weaving pattern
Table and Diamond Shapes weaving example

The pattern in this color image is composed of Table and Diamond shapes and is referred to as an ‘unnamed’ pattern in many weaving reference books. However, the original donor's family called the pattern "Cross and Dog Tracks." The coverlet fragment was likely made between 1900 and 1909 by an unidentified weaver. The warp is a single-ply natural cotton sett at twenty to twenty-two ends per inch. The pattern weft is single-ply blue wool that appears to be indigo dyed. The piece shows evidence of wear with frayed edges and several stains. Fragments like this one were most likely part of a bed-sized coverlet or bedcover. As the bedcover was replaced, woven remnants were often divided among family members. Small fragments or remnants are often all that is preserved for study from an originally full-size bedcover.

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