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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Wednesday, October 21, 1892
Vol. II, no. 28
Page 3, col. 3b

 Our readers will find, in another part of our paper, some of the proceedings of the Cherokee Legislature.  The first impression, which the reading of these proceedings will create, will naturally be, that the Cherokees are determined to pursue the course they have commenced, notwithstanding the law of Georgia, which declares all laws and usages of the Nation, null and void, after the first of june, 1830.  This arbitrary act of the state  has never been, nor will it ever be acknowledged, on the part of the Cherokees.  As long as they are conscious of the justice of their cause, and the unjust proceedings of the State, they cannot tamely agree to have their rights wrested from them, rights which they have always possessed and exercised, and which have been from time to time secured and guarantied by the faith of the United States.