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Cherokee Phoenix and Indians' Advocate
Vol. 2 No. 16
Wednesday July 22, 1829
Page 1 Col. 4b-5a

Cherokee Improvements.--We understand, that the Appraisers appointed by the Secretary of War, have completed the valuation of the improvements belonging to the Cherokee Indians, in the country recently ceded by that nation to the United States, under the late treaty.  The total value of all the improvements, agreeably to their appraisement, we are informed, is between $43,000 and $44,000- which is $6,000 or $7,000 more than the appropriation by Congress for that object.  The principal part of the Cherokees have already removed to the country to which they are assigned above Fort Smith, and all it is expected will have removed on or before the 6th of next month, which is the day fixed by the treaty for their surrendering the entire possession of their country to the United States.

 It will be recollected, that instructions were forwarded to the Government of this Territory, by the Secretary of War, some time ago, directing him whenever the valuation of the Cherokee improvements should be finished, to lease out all such as should be valued at $200 and upwards.- Pursuant to these instructions, we understand that Governor Pope has conferred the appointment of Agent for leasing out the improvements on ANDREW SCOTT, Esq. who will set out in a few days, for the purpose of entering on the duties of his appointment immediately after the 6th of next month.  His appointment extends to the taking care of the various public buildings which the United States has acquired by the treaty and which may not be leased out.--Ark. Gaz.