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Wednesday, January 14, 1829
Volume 1 No. 44
Page 2 Col. 4b


 The sentiments of the Secretary of War, respecting the Indian tribes, will be read with surprise and grief by all the friends of this injured race.  That the faith of the nation plighted in treaties, should be disregarded, because we are the stronger party, will be the grief of the mere patriot; that the weak should be oppressed will be the grief of the humane; that the efforts to civilize and christianize the savage should be checked, if not entirely prevented, will be the grief of the christian.  Whether we look at the promises of our government, for the past, or at the feelings of the mass of our citizens, and of good men in other lands, for the present, or at the decision of future generations, we can see nothing to encourage the plans proposed in the following extracts from the report of the Secretary.

       Con. Obs.