Faculty and Staff

You'll learn from and work with innovative faculty and staff members who bring their unique blend of professional and academic expertise to your studies, both inside and outside the classroom. A diverse group of creative individuals, their focus is on providing you with the finest learning experiences. Come meet our faculty and staff.

Director of Stage & Screen

Jayme McGhan M.F.A.; Associate Professor

Dance Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Ashlee Wasmund Program Coordinator 828.227.3672 amwasmund@wcu.edu
Amy Dowling Adjunct Faculty  828.227.2527 adowling@wcu.edu
Patricia Renshaw Adjunct Faculty  828.227.2527 parenshaw@wcu.edu


Film and Television Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Joshua Russell

Program Coordinator 828.227.2624 jdrussell@wcu.edu
Arledge Armenaki Cinematography 828.227.2255 armenaki@wcu.edu
Brenda Lilly Screenwriting  828.227.2092 bllilly@wcu.edu
Jack Sholder Directing 828.227.2324 jsholder@wcu.edu
Jason Ledford Equipment Manager   jwledford@wcu.edu


Theatre Faculty

Name Position Phone Email
Claire Eye BFA Acting & BA General Program Coordinator 828.227.3961 eye@wcu.edu
Susan Brown-Strauss Costume Design 828.227.3963 bstrauss@wcu.edu
Chris Collins Technical Director 828.227.3849 clcollins@wcu.edu
Terrence Mann Distinguished Professor of Musical Theatre    
Andrew Mannion Scenery 828.227.3800  
Peter Savage Adjunct, Acting    
Katya Stanislavskaya Musical Theatre Program Director 828.227.2864 ystanislavskaya@wcu.edu
Dustin Whitehead Acting 828.227.3802 dgwhitehead@wcu.edu



Name Position Phone Email
Renee Collins Administrative Assistant 828.227.3840 ercollins@wcu.edu
Kevin King Scene Shop Manager  


Hannah Roten Costume Shop Manager   hdroten@wcu.edu
Michael Yannette Staff Pianist    
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