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2016 Break by the Lake

Lake Logan Lodge


The annual Break by the Lake Conference for Student Personnel will be held on Friday, September 30, 2016, at Lake Logan Episcopal Center in Canton, NC. Registration begins August 22, 2016 through the Counseling Programs at Western Carolina University. Joins us for $35 early registration.The main presenter will be Howard Hanger, a minister, author, musician, educator, and entrepreneur. One reviewer described Howard Hanger as more of a verb than a noun. Howard describes himself as A.D.D.                        

Howard Hanager, BBTL Speaker 2016


For more than 30 years, Howard Hanger served as an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church. He left the denomination so that he could continue to officiate same-sex ceremonial unions. Both his father and grandfather were Methodist Ministers, one of whom left the church over his opposition to war and the other got into trouble with the church over his pro-civil rights stance.              

Howard believes that, as a minister, his mission is to bless and encourage love wherever he finds it and to bring love where it is not. Some of his accomplishments include:     

  • Authored three books: "A Precious Window of Time", "Drink Deeply With Delight," and "The Main Thing"
  • Produced 14 albums of music
  • Travelled with his band Jazz Fantasy throughout the country and overseas (26 countries, 12 years) with U.S. State Department                           
  • Founded and continue to run a 29 room, 15 bedroom shared housing cooperative since 1973                           
  • Founded and continue to minister at Jubilee! Community Church since 1989 (                           
  • Founded Hanger Hall School for Girls in 1999. Serve as advisor. (                           
  • Father of two daughters, Kelsey - a doctor and Windsor - President of a large media company which she founded.    

His topic for our main presentation is titled “This Blessed Mess.” Read more about Howard Hanger at his website

Breakout Session Topics

Community Resiliency Model, Growth Mindset, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Child and Youth Bereavement, Using Data, and Motivational Interviewing for Student Support Personnel.

The conference is a local opportunity to teach and learn for school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, school nurses, resource officers, school administrators, community counselors, and many others in the educational and helping fields.          


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