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Simulation lab


           Human Movement Science Lab

Female physical therapy patient in the human movement science laboratory


The Department is housed in the four-story, 160,000 square foot Health and Human Sciences building, which features state of the art technology and expanded labs and classrooms designed specifically for health-related teaching and learning. The building also has an atrium and rooftop garden where students can gather and enjoy beautiful mountain views.

A grant of almost $300,000 from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust allowed the department to establish this state-of-the-art laboratory for analysis of human movement. The lab allows the department to supplement the education of students, conduct research, and provide diagnostic clinical services to individuals in the surrounding region.

The labs offer students hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment common to everyday clinical practice and enable students to master assessment techniques necessary for diagnosis and treatment. Our labs also serve as “mediated classrooms” providing the capacity for the use of a variety of technology-assisted instructional and learning strategies by instructors and students.

Classrooms and Labs at HHS

 Gross Anatomy Lab



Harris Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy Clinic Housed in the Health and Human Sciences Building

MAPPT clinic


Physical Therapy Clinic Pool

Therapy pool


Balance and Fall Prevention Clinic

Balance and Fall Prevention NeuroCom


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